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Why do marriages break up? Know about the key to happy married life according to astrology

Marriage is the beautiful beginning of a new journey that gives a different status and importance to the life of two people. Weddings in Hindu culture are more than a few days of celebration, colors, and sweets. Here, marriage is a promise for two people to continue and end their life journey with a common destiny i.e. marriage between two people and two families. There is a middle.

When we talk about marriages, we always prefer relatives performing many rituals and a very lush greenhouse. However, the ancient ritual of Kundli matching takes place before the wedding rituals and pre-wedding shoots.

Generally, when we match Kundli for matrimonial life, the Gunas or qualities are included. Out of the total 36 qualities, 18 qualities are eligible for marriage. However, often we see that even after matching 30-32 qualities of the bride and groom, the discussion ends in counseling or divorce.

Why so?

We accept that marriage should not be accepted only on the basis of the number of Gunas in the Kundli of two people. It is very important to understand the role of planets in relation to marriage. Therefore, first of all, the determination of the planets and their position in the Kundli is really very important.

Along with this, the expressions of the Kundli should also be taken care of. Also one should analyze the Gunas as the Gunas of a Manglik and non-Manglik can also match, but depending on the position of the planets, a person gets happiness or sorrow throughout his life. Along with this, we should also look at the doshas coming in this period.

marriage planet situation

Role of Jupiter 

Among the nine planets, Jupiter is the most important planet in relation to a happy marriage. Especially if each planet is addressed, Jupiter is clearly considered to be the component of a happy family life. When it is in a strong position, it bestows magnificence in a person’s character and is indicative of a great educational background.

However, with Jupiter being weak in a man’s Kundli, he may have to face issues that his wife creates. On the other hand, with a weak Jupiter in a woman’s Kundli, she tends to cause trouble in her marriage and often has a troublesome character. Therefore, for a happy married life, the position of Jupiter in the Kundli of both bride and groom should be auspicious.

Along with this, three planets have an important role in the Kundli with respect to domestic life which are Brihaspati or Brahaspati, Shukra or Shukra, and Mangal or Mangal. For a healthy and happy relationship, it is necessary for the above planets to be in a strong position.

Role of Venus

According to Marriage predictions, Venus symbolizes all the elements in a person’s life like love, romance, joy, happiness, music, pearls, and flowers. So it holds an important meaning in the context of breakups, separations, and Davos.

It is necessary for the planet Venus to be strong, which is responsible for the intimate relationship between husband and wife. In the Kundli of both husband and wife, the planet Venus is completely free from inauspicious vision. Only then there is a possibility of happiness in the relationship after marriage. 

House of Astrology for Marriage Prediction

Also, the seventh house in astrology plays an important role in Kundli’s analysis for a happy marriage. Especially the seventh house should be free from the influence of inauspiciousness. Also, the seventh house should not be associated with Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu, otherwise, it may create a case of separation as these are proud planets that initiate arrogance and separation.

Also, the lord of the seventh house should not be in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the Kundli. Also, the lord of the seventh house should not be in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house.

Moreover, the presence of lords of the sixth house, eighth house, and twelfth house in the seventh indicates an unhappy marriage. Also, when an inauspicious planet is in the seventh house or when inauspicious planets aspect the seventh house, it indicates an unhappy marriage.


Kundali matching before marriage rituals is necessary for the future of the boy or girl. Take online astrology consultations to get a marriage problem solution.

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