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Which CMS Should I Use to Develop a Blogging Site?

Are you interested in starting a blog but do not know how to pick the finest blogging platform?

However, there are so many different blogging platforms available that make a decision difficult. 

How do you determine which is best for you?

If you are a newbie, it is better to look for a professional web development company in Southfield. Find a good or experienced firm and provide all your requirements to them.  

This blog is about multiple CMS blogging platforms. After reading this blog, anyone can pick the blogging platform of their choice.  

What To Look for When Selecting the Best Blogging Platform?

It is crucial to be aware of your needs before reading through the list of blogging platforms. 

You should choose a blogging platform that is simple to set up and has a short learning curve. Additionally, the platform should not require any coding knowledge if you’re a newbie. 

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It’s also important to consider the kind of blog you want to start today and in the future. 

You might wish to update your blog’s design and add more features as your readership expands. Therefore, it’s critical to pick a blogging platform that is adaptable and has the capacity for expansion. 

It can be very challenging to transfer platforms later if you start on the wrong one. 

Finally, know your aim to earn money from blogging. It’s good to ensure that you will have the choice to do so in the future. 

Let’s compare the top blogging platforms for newbies keeping everything in mind.


Informally, Tumblr is recognized for its “micro-blogging” idea. It is a fantastic free blogging platform made for people who like to share concise material. People mostly share visuals; infographics, images, animated GIFs, videos, quotes, etc.) Because this blogging platform has an integrated sharing feature, there is no need to manually distribute the content. 

For bloggers who want to start posting their articles right away, Tumblr is the ideal platform. It’s also an excellent alternative for people who do not want their blog to become a side company. However, you can use CMS2CMS to move your blog automatically once you have decided to move. You can easily move it from Tumblr to WordPress or another platform.

It would seem odd not to include WordPress (WP) on this list. It is one of the most extensively used content management systems. WP is regarded as the industry standard for a website that offers limitless capabilities and is entertaining to use. WordPress has a moderate learning curve, and it’s very accommodating to both beginners and experts. With the help of countless themes and plugins, WordPress users may increase the functionality of their websites. You must choose web hosting and register a domain name before you can start a blog on WordPress.


One of the early blogging platforms was Blogger, a service that is owned by Google. This CMS is also renowned for its quick setup and user-friendly design. If a newbie lacks sufficient HTML knowledge, this can be the finest blogging platform for them. With the default subdomain of your, running a blog site on Blogger is entirely free. However, Blogger is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform. As a result, Blogger CMS is the ideal platform for people who value simplicity over a feature to launch a blog.

Gator By HostGator

A drag-and-drop function is available on the website building and blogging platform Gator. With this one, you may build several types of websites, including blogs, e-commerce sites, and company websites. It was made by HostGator, which is also a good place to establish a WordPress blog. However, if WordPress is not the CMS you want to use to manage a website, Gator can be the perfect choice for you!


The Squarespace website builder has amazing built-in capabilities for building a website, a user-friendly interface, and a WYSIWYG editor. The HTML/CSS and Java code of this content management system can be modified by users, despite the fact that it is not open source. Therefore, Squarespace is the finest CMS blog for individuals who do not know how to code. It is also good for those who want to create a beautiful and safe website for their own or their company’s use.


One of the original content management systems for blogs, MovableType has a devoted user base and a robust feature set. This platform has every feature needed to build not only a blog but any other kind of website as well. This platform’s unique selling point is that it is a paid, self-hosted CMS. Installing and managing a blog on MovableType is not too difficult. Additionally, users can customize their websites in several ways. This platform’s disadvantage is that its support network is somewhat tiny. The finest blogging CMS for people who want to host a significant blogging project is MovableType.


Wix is made to create specific kinds of websites, but it may also be used as a platform for blogging. This platform has many benefits for a newbie, including an easy-to-use interface, drag-and-drop building capabilities, and fantastic designs. There are some drawbacks in addition to the benefits. There is no way to update a template you’ve already selected. Additionally, it has a lot of drawbacks in terms of SEO. 

For people who wish to efficiently manage a blog but lack technical expertise, Wix is the best blogging content management system (CMS). It is also fantastic for bloggers who wish to spread their reach beyond blogs to any other kind of website.


Ghost, a relatively new CMS platform, is continually gaining popularity and is already well-enough-known to be included on this list. All of the expectations and needs of bloggers are taken into account in the design of this platform. Ghost offers an intuitive user interface. It offers bloggers a variety of widgets that display statistics in a very fashionable manner. Additionally, Ghost Pro hosted in the cloud and self-hosted Ghost are both options.

Cost To Develop A Blogging Site

How much does a website cost to build for blog writing? 

It is a frequently asked question.  

Your blog’s overall expenses will depend on the blogging platform you select. If you decide to construct it yourself, you have two primary choices: a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, or a website builder, like Wix or Squarespace. 

The least expensive method of setting up your blog is by using a website builder. This is because the pay-monthly options available will keep your expenditures constant. 

WordPress is a well-known blogging platform that is technically free if you do not want to utilize a website builder. However, you will need to pay for hosting, themes, and plugins, all of which will raise your overall costs.

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Bottom Line

All of these blogging platforms are incredibly well-liked and offer distinctive ways to create a fantastic site. However, a lot of individuals believe that WordPress CMS is the best blogging platform. The majority of bloggers choose the WordPress platform for a variety of reasons. Primarily because WP CMS offers its consumers an intriguing fusion of flexibility, design, increased usability, and power.

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