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What was the size of the Global Luxury Hair Care Market in 2022?


Men’s and women’s goods and services are available in the luxury hair care sector. While luxurious hair care services may be had at home, in salons, parlours, and other places, products like shampoos, oils, and serums are made accessible through a variety of distribution channels.

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The introduction of various hair care products for men as well as changing lifestyles, increased spending on appearance and outlook, an increase in the number of hair salons, rising disposable income, and these factors all contribute to the luxury hair care market’s anticipated growth during the forecast period.


Men’s and women’s goods and services are available in the luxury hair care market. Although there are many producers of hair care products including oils, shampoos, and serums, it is possible to purchase luxury hair care items at salons, beauty parlours, and even at home. The primary purposes of high-end hair care items are to eliminate dandruff, dirt, and oil from the hair and scalp, as well as to regulate moisture levels and restore damaged hair.

Key Drivers and Opportunities of the Global Luxury Hair Care Market

  • The global market for premium hair care has grown as more people adopt western lifestyles. Due to the huge growth in the number of working women over the past several years, they are now spending more of their spare cash on grooming and appearance. Due to intense professional rivalry across many industries, which is a driving force for the luxury hair care industry, the majority of individuals view their appearance as a significant aspect of their character.
  • The evolution of hair care products is a result of rising customer desire for natural goods. Consumers today demand natural products, thus producers are emphasizing the production, labeling, and marketing of their products as “green,” “natural,” and/or “organic.” Because of the manufacturers’ understanding of consumers’ preferences for non-toxic goods and their concentration on raising consumer awareness of the impact of cosmetic chemicals on both the environment and the body, labeling has changed. During the forecast period, the luxury hair care market is expected to be influenced by the manufacturers’ marketing initiatives.
  • Social media and digital technologies have impacted customer service, marketing, and the selling of hair care products, among other aspects of the industry. The luxury hair care market has been hampered by the lockdown brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak, but the market is anticipated to grow throughout the projected period.

Growth drivers in luxury hair care market

  • The demand for high-end hair care products is being influenced by expanding developments. In recent years, there has been a growth in the availability of shampoos and conditioners as well as in the ingredients and technology used in their manufacture. Prior until now, only female consumers were drawn to high-end hair care products. The market for premium hair care is anticipated to develop at a faster rate as men’s interest in these products grows.
  • The introduction of organic products into the market for luxury hair care is another important market-driving element. Due to the numerous negative consequences, several people were reluctant to use hair care products. The significant hair loss that many users of these treatments experience makes it challenging for them to employ high-end hair care products. The demand for organic luxury hair care products is increasing dramatically in the global market for high-end hair care. To draw in customers, the top industry participants are concentrating on launching new organic product lines.

Let’s examine some key factors of luxury hair care market

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  • The worldwide luxury hair care Market was estimated to be worth USD 13,602.79 million in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to USD 22,344.00 million by 2029, recording a CAGR of 6.40% over the 2022–2029 projection period. 
  • The market report created by the Data Bridge Market Research team includes in-depth expert analysis, import/export analysis, pricing analysis, production consumption analysis, and consumer behaviour in addition to market insights like market value, growth rate, market segments, geographical coverage, market players, and market scenario.
  • The market for luxury hair care was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic epidemic. Due to the rigorous regulations and closures enforced by the government authorities, beauty salons and parlors were forced to close for an extended length of time. Sales of high-end hair care products decreased as a result. Additionally, the lack of social gatherings and the fact that individuals were confined to their homes reduced the market for these goods. The good news is that during the epidemic, customers began personal grooming at home, which raised the demand for luxurious hair care products that could be applied easily at home.

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