Types of Land Surveys in Calgary

Conducting a land survey requires the use of different technologies, equipment and machinery. Choosing the best land surveying services in Calgary is a must to create accurate reports and documents.

Wondering what other reasons can be pointed out that make land surveying services indispensable?

1. Architects, engineers and many others use the base reports generated by a land surveyor.

2. One must follow and adhere to all municipal bylaws, failing which there can be a possibility of legal cases. This is appropriately managed by trusted land survey service providers.

3. Often, there arises issues of encroachments if proper land surveying is not done initially. This can be with an adjacent property owner.

4. Neighbours can raise questions as to unclear boundary and property lines. For this, one must get in touch with an adept land surveyor to avoid disputes.

Having understood the integral part played by a land surveyor, let us now move forward to understanding what all types of land surveys are conducted by surveyors.

Types of Land Surveys
A land survey is not just limited to man-made structures, but in fact, extends to natural objects as well. This requires different concepts of geometry, mathematics, etc. to be applied in diverse land types. In addition, varying techniques and equipment also need to be used as per the land needs.

Some basic land types and sizes require simple calculations, while certain other property types and sizes can require complicated ones. Detailed numeric calculations in square metres, angles, or boundaries need to be done.

This results in different types of land surveys for generating data as discussed below:

1. Construction Survey
A commonly conducted survey extremely useful for construction workers requiring directions on implementing new improvements to an existing property. It involves measuring buildings, walls, roads.

2. Boundary Survey
A type of survey useful for measuring exact boundary lines of a land in addition to locating corners. Such a survey requires the surveyor to perform both field and desk research. The land surveyor needs to follow all municipal regulations while doing the same.

3. Site Planning Survey
This is an extremely important typpe of lands survey to be conducted for gaining a development permit for a new development project. When a person wants to design house lots, playgrounds, subdivisions, streets, highways, such survey is best for use.

4. Location Survey
Similar to a boundary survey, a location survey also provides detailed information about the location of improvements. Such type of survey is specifically used for loan applications or while applying for zoning permits.

5. Subdivision survey
This type of survey is suited in cases where a piece of land is to be divided and sub-divided. A subdivision survey is particularly used when planning out drainages and streets.

6. Topographic Survey
A topographic survey is useful when the location of the land’s topographic features are to be measured. This extends to buildings, utilities, fences, elevators, trees, and the like.

An interesting point to note here is that these are not the only types of land surveys conducted. In fact, there can be many others too.

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