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Top Mobile Application for Locating Food Trucks

Tired of ordering from the same fast-food chains in your area? Are you getting bored of the same-old grub you get from nearby diners? Wanna switch things up a bit? If you’re not feeling like cooking today, if your mom or cook is not at home, we have the right solution for your problem. If you’re in the mood to fill your tummy in a hurry with a taco, or pizza, the best food truck finder app has got your back.

Food trucks have become a very popular and trendy option for people looking for unique and exciting cuisine that abides to their liking. Taking place in the States at first,  the trend has spread globally since. Many food trucks have been coming up in cities and towns. These food vendors are offering a diverse variety of food types and cuisines.

Local food trucks can offer top-notch, on-the-go meals that rival those served in fancy and expensive restaurants. Actually, loads of cooks got their start in food trucks before they opened their own joints. This promotes street food in a huge way and entrepreneurship is always welcomed. The benefits are applicable to customers and the entrepreneur.

Our food truck finder app named Truckfindr is the best food truck app providing street food with the help of a few clicks on your smartphone. We have developed an easy-to-understand application to find the best food truck vendors near you. May it be Ohio, Phoenix, Nashville, Raleigh, Los Angeles, Tampa or other selected cities, we have our customer base covered. We have the best food truck finder app in the market right now. The app acts as a tool to find nearby food trucks. Our app has an unparalleled feature set setting us apart from the competition. The commitment to providing quality street food to the common man is our motive. Providing locals with the best food truck shops is what we aim for.  

How does the Truck Finder App work?

The first step is getting the app through Google Play if you own an Android or through the Apple App Store if you happen to own an iPhone for that matter. Register yourself through our guided user registration portal. Once you’re in, the process is as smooth as cutting a red hot knife through butter. Soon you’ll come across a page where tons of different cuisines are present for the type of food you want to order.

Some of the available cuisines are Vietnamese, American, Italian, Seafood, and Mediterranean. Select your desired cuisine type and the app will provide you with a list of all available best food trucks in your area. When you’re done with the above process, you can order your desired food through your favorite food truck. Users can also avail of discounts only through the app. The food will be delivered to your doorstep. Every registered food truck has a real-time updated menu so you won’t miss out on any food item that was added to the menu by the truck owner.

How about Booking an Entire Food Truck?

Here’s a twist, you can book an entire, popular food truck for an event. Events could be a weekend party, a wedding, a family gathering, and any event for that matter. This feature completely eliminates the concept of contacting local food truck owners one by one. The middle-man is absent and you will not have to search food truck business on Google Maps or Apple Maps. The best food truck finder app facilitates users to find accurate contact information through the app. Sometimes, shop owners do not update the contact information and the end-user is helpless. With our app, you can book the whole truck which matches the cuisine type you wish to serve your guests. You can enter specific details, e.g. the amount of time you want to avail the truck for, the event date, and get an estimate of the total expenditure. Payment options include credit or debit cards.

More Exciting Features of the Food Truck App

We have the best food truck app that allows users to leave reviews after ordering food or after making an entire truck reservation. We’ve delivered our level best to provide a transparent user experience, making it easy for the user to order the best possible meal. If you are ordering food, you can go through the rating and review section of any particular truck like on Google Maps or Apple Maps. This eliminates the doubt one might have in his/her mind before ordering. Our app allows the user to make an informed decision while ordering the desired food. Our registered businesses are sure to serve you the best street food prepared by the most experienced chefs. Most of the truck owners in our database have before worked at a renowned restaurant. These chefs from famous food chains decided to start their own venture.

We have over 1500 trucks registered in our database, and we can help you find the perfect one that provides the food you’re looking for. At Truckfindr, with a wide range of cuisines, we take pride in serving fresh and cooked-to-order food. Our registered trucks have the best chefs and staff available. We make sure that no sort of compromise on quality or customer satisfaction in any possible way. Our food is not only delicious, but it’s also healthy and hygienic. Rest assured that you’re getting the best street food experience with adequate prices, and in-app discounts. The app is designed in a way that is easy to navigate through, promoting user-friendliness. People from all age groups can use the app hassle-free. Visit our website:  to learn more or download our app through the following link:

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