Salient Features of Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Imperial Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure Reversible - Various Sizes
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Have you seen a beautiful shower enclosure with a round shape half circled front? Such cubicles are usually preferred for corner fitting. They are known as quadrant shower enclosures – a popular choice for small and large bathrooms. There is another variation available in this enclosure that is offset quadrant shower enclosure. This variation, besides offering standard quadrant enclosure benefits, provides even more room for the spacious shower experience. 

If you are in the market for shower enclosures, then it might be a perfect choice for you. Our article discusses various features of an offset quadrant shower cubicle. 

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Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures- How These are Different?

The offset quadrant shower enclosure has the same curvy round shape front, but one side of its panel is larger than the other. Therefore, it looks bit different from the standard quadrant shape enclosures. These are mostly available in the frameless design that single can fit with single or double door options. Since these occupy more space than the standard quadrant shower cubicles, these are bigger and offer much more space to take shower. These look a like a corner rounded and either side wall panel bigger stench bigger than the other. 

Advantages of Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure

There are following advantages of an offset shower enclosure

  1. Perfect for Corner Fittings

The Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure is the ideal option for fitting a shower in the corner of a bathroom. The curved glass makes it a stylish addition to any bathroom while providing maximum usage area without eating up too much floor space. Its adjustable wall profile allows you to precisely fit it into any corner, large or small. An Offset Enclosure is both an elegant fixture and an ideal attendant for anyone looking to make efficient use of their bath’s corner area.

  1. Better Shower Experience

The Offset Quadrant shower enclosure is a revolutionary development in the world of luxury bathroom design, offering users spacious yet modern showers. Its contemporary profile stands at just 6mm thick and features a beautiful sliding or foldable door. You can make sure that you offset enclosure also comes with toughened safety glass that ensures maximum protection while taking a shower. Furthermore, make sure scratch-resistant frame and corner brackets are designed with harsh use in mind. That will make this style of cubicle one of the most resilient for wear and tears. With its superior build quality, dream-like luxuriousness and unbeatable durability, the Offset Quadrant shower enclosure delivers a guaranteed long-lasting solution for all showering needs.

  1. Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures Creates Luxurious Look

Offset quadrant shower enclosures offer a luxurious design element to the modern bathroom. These types of showers create a wonderful aesthetic ambiance that transforms bathrooms into a private oasis of comfort. These also provide an efficient means of showering. It will typically have curvy glass panels joining by aluminum or brass joints, giving it an elegant and sophisticated profile. The increased ceiling height for these showers helps produce a more spacious feeling than traditional square or rectangular shower enclosures. That allows them to work effortlessly in multi-functioning bathrooms with limited space. Complete with their tapered entrance, offset quadrant shower enclosures provide unparalleled style and convenient access for superior bathing experience.

  1. Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure is Available in Different Sizes

Another advantage of a quadrant shower enclosure is that it is available in various sizes that provide you the flexibility to choose it for various sizes of the bathrooms. That means you can get the size that perfectly fits for your bathroom as per your layout requirements. The most popular sizes for this range of enclosures are 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, option size of 760mm and 800mm for the depth. It is the size variation that will most fit in the bathroom that are little bigger than the small size bathroom. If your bathroom is smaller, then the standard size bathroom then its better idea to go for standard quadrant enclosure. Which can be a better space saving solution. 

  1. Perfect Fit with Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are a highly desirable option due to their modern look and seamless working. But not all shower enclosures can be suitable for fitting with such a door. Even if you fit, that does suit the other shape that much other than the sliding doors. The great thing about the offset enclosures is that these fit perfectly with the sliding shower doors while creating seamless looks and functionality.  It looks simple yet modern design that will suit the contemporary bathrooms. 

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Final Thoughts

Offset quadrant shower enclosures are a variation of standard quadrant shape cubicles. If you want to be a bit bigger size with one side larger than the other for a more spacious shower experience, then it is the only option you have. Especially if you prefer curvy front enclosure.  We have discussed the advantages that you can expect from this type of cubicle in the last sections. 


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