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Review of LoansUnder36: Is it the Right Choice?

Loans under 36 is a lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders who can meet their specific loan needs. If you have a need for between $500 and $35,000, but don’t have time to compare and check loans online, Loans under 36 may be able to help. There are so many online marketplaces available, how can you decide if LoansUnder36 is the right one? Here are LoansUnder36 reviews like ours. This section will provide you with all the information you need about the platform, including the eligibility criteria and the breakdown of the application process.

About Loans Under 36

The lending marketplace Loans under 36 was established in 2015 and brings together borrowers and loan providers. LoansUnder36 is not able to provide loans directly. It does, however, offer borrowers a variety of options from more than 100 vendors to help them find the best terms for their needs. LoansUnder36’s name refers to the maximum APR value. The platform caps APRs to 36% making it an affordable option to short-term loans. The lender sets the interest rate so if your credit history is good, you may be able to take advantage of rates as low as 5.99%. You might get a higher APR if your credit score is poor.

Who are LoansUnder36 for?

The best loan for you is a LoanUnder36

  • Borrowers who require money quickly. LoansUnder36’s application process takes only minutes and does not involve the usual hassles associated with traditional lending.
  • Small loans can be taken out quickly by people who need them. The amount and term of the loan will depend on the lender. However, the majority of loan providers in LoansUnder36 offer loans between $500 and $35,000 that can be paid out over a period of 60 days to 72.
  • For those who require flexibility in repayments. LoansUnder36 has hundreds of lenders to choose from, many of which can offer flexible repayment options. This feature is appreciated by several loans under 36 review.
  • Borrowers with a low credit score. Because LoansUnder36 doesn’t have credit requirements, applicants can request a loan and be matched with a lender who is willing to work with them.

Products Offered

LoansUnder36 provides personal loans starting at $500 and up to $35,000.

Borrowers have instant access to more than 100+ lenders who can offer loan offers within minutes.

Simply fill out the easy online LoansUnder36 Application to see which loan offers are available for you.

Apply for Loans Under 36. Requirements

The LoansUnder36 application is simple. Plus, it’s 100% free.

Before we get to that, let’s discuss the eligibility criteria. These are the conditions that you need to meet in order to qualify for LoansUnder36.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • You can be a US citizen, permanent resident or a US citizen.
  • A steady income stream is essential
  • An active bank account, preferably a checking one, is essential

These criteria will allow you to submit a loan request.

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Application Procedure for a Loan Below 36

1. Complete the online loan request form

You will first notice the Loans Under 36 website. This is the questionnaire that you need to complete to start the application process.

You will need to include the following information in your application:

  • Name and DOB
  • Contact information such as telephone number, email address, and postal address
  • Information about banking, including routing numbers and information about bank accounts
  • Information about your employment and income such as your job title, income per month, and contact information for your employer

In addition to your personal information, you might be asked for your Social Security number or driver’s licence number. Approval of your application takes around five minutes. The entire process can be done online so it’s quick and easy. Keep in mind that when you request a loan, the lender or company may run a credit report on your credit, which could adversely impact your credit score.

Notice: It’s a good idea that you have your driver’s licence number and details of your bank account with you when filling out your loan application. This will make the process go faster.

2. Get a loan

Sign up for LoansUnder36 to receive personal loan offers from affiliate lenders. LoansUnder36 is a partner with many loan providers so you are likely to receive different offers with different terms and rates. It is now the right time to review the terms and conditions of the lenders who have approached you. This is the most important aspect as it will affect how much interest you pay and the length of the loan. Lenders will also inform you about the repayment terms and additional fees associated with your personal loan. Accepting any offer is not binding. If you do find a loan offer that is favorable, you will need to give more information about you and then you can finalise the deal with your lender.

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3. How to get the loan

The funds will be transferred to your account within 24 hours after you sign a contract with the lender. The loan disbursement times may vary depending on the lender.


Although LoansUnder36 might not be the most rated on review platforms, it is quick and convenient. It connects you with a loan provider within minutes of you being at home.

It also offers multiple lenders’ terms and rates so that you can compare them to find the best one for your needs. Best of all, you don’t need a stellar credit score to make a loan request–LoansUnder36 accepts everyone regardless of their credit history.

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