Pharmacist qualifications: Courses, Education, & Job

1 Introduction: job description

Pharmacists are called by other names, such as chemist or apothecary. A person who has acquired a complete knowledge of medicines. A complete knowledge of medicine includes side effects, benefits, formulation process, and uses. Pharmacists are responsible for providing appropriate medicines for diseases prescribed by physicians to their patients.

To become a qualified pharmacist, you need to obtain a pharmacy diploma, such as pharma B, pharma D, and Mpharma. Despite this, bachelor’s and master’s degrees must be considered. In addition, additional courses that a person can enroll in to gain in-depth knowledge and become a perfect skilled pharmacist.

2. Education Required to be a Pharmacist

There are diverse courses offered for people to accomplish the position of a pharmacist. Go through the below to know the minimum to maximum education a pharmacist requires.

Diploma in Pharma: a person is required to complete 10+2 classes with a minimum of 50% in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Bachelors in Pharmacy: a person is required to apply for a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy by studying similar subjects with a minimum of 50%

Masters in Pharmacy: a person is required to apply for a master’s degree in pharmacy by studying similar subjects with a minimum of 50%

D pharma Course: this course duration is six years, in which a person has t pass 10+2 in mandatory subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. Along with one year of internship

Ph D In Pharmaceutical Science: a person becomes eligible to pursue this course after completing their master’s degree. 

3. Lists of Undergraduate Courses in Pharmacy:

A candidate has to pass 10+2 exams with a minimum of 50%. A candidate has to pass a diploma with a minimum of 50% along with qualification in required entrance exams. 

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • : of Pharmacy (Hons)
  • : of pharmacy in pharmacognosy
  • : of ayurvedic pharmacy
  • : of pharmaceutical chemistry

Ayurveda is also one of the widely used pharmaceutical categories. As the demand for herbal products grows across the country. This presents a great opportunity for herbal product manufacturers in India, for example, spirulina producers in India or Moringa capsule manufacturers in India have a great opportunity to make windfall profits.

4. Lists of postgraduate courses in pharmacy:

A candidate should qualify for the entrance exams GPAT or PGECET. Coupled with passing undergraduate courses in pharmacy with a minimum of 50%.

  • M.Pharma drug discovery and drugs development
  • M.Pharma in cosmetic talc
  • M.Pharma in pharmaceutical chemistry
  • M.Pharma in medicinal chemistry
  • M.Pharma in biopharmaceutical
  • M.Pharma in biotechnology

5. List of some certificate-based courses for to be a pharmacist:

Courses NamesDuration
Certificate in pharma product management3 to 6 months
Certificate in pharmaceutical process engineering3 to 6 months
Certificate in pharmaceutical marketing3 to 6 months
Certificate in pharmaceutical technology transfer3 to 6 months
Certificate in biopharmaceutical technology3 to 6 months

A person can take some certification courses in pharmaceutical schools and this course duration is advantageous because a person can get a clear understanding of the course in less time. Is this the smartest choice or not? After completing 10+2 classes, they can continue their course of study.

6. Skills that are required to be a pharmacist:

A pharmacist must be well versed in medicine. This is a critical product-based industry where the pharmacist must have an in-depth knowledge of drugs, their side effects and benefits.

  • Research capability
  • Proofreading capability
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Mathematical skills
  • Analytics skills
  • Computer skills
  • Communication skills 
  • Well-versed in medicines

7. Career Opportunity:

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly due to the growing demand for Indian pharmaceuticals worldwide. This is a great career opportunity for an appraiser. You can get into the industry without a second thought. The pharmaceutical manufacturer in India is already accounting for a great profit margin. 

Moreover, to export pharmaceutical products you need to obtain some essential and required legal documents to make yourself eligible. 

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