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How to Write research paper step by step?

Research paper writing can put students in the doldrums as they have to hustle through the rate my research paper writing process. Researching is itself a labour-intensive process. Plus, writing a paper that meets your professor’s expectations and gets published requires adequate analytical and writing skills. While some students fear the research process, others find writing an uphill battle. The maximum percentage of students find it frustrating to learn the steps they should follow to write a paper effortlessly. So, get out of your monotonous research and writing process and learn the steps to make the journey bearable.

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Know your topic well

Skipping this step can land you in trouble. Unless and until you understand what you are required to do, you will never be able to get down to the root of conducting the research. Essay Helper So, decode the meaning of the assignment and then proceed with the following steps mentioned below.

Choose a topic

Research paper, Now that you have learned precisely about your requirement, you can make your next move. A topic selection follows the question understanding step. Again, you have learned about the requirement, and based on your learning, choose a topic. Again, this can be a daunting step where you have to find a topic that does not bore you with its information. Online exam help Also, remember to choose a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Please choose a controversial topic as you will get a scope to explain your views and leave room for your readers to think about your correctness.


You must have been waiting for this step till now. Well, knowing the tricks to research is the actual game. The best way to conduct research is to skim through the page instead of devoting all the world’s time to reading it thoroughly. Essay Help Online This step is pretty flexible; you can adapt your measure to pass this stage. So, you can proceed by skimming, then moving on to finding reliable sources and avoiding skipping valuable data. Finally, work to understand the viewpoint you will place in the paper and base your research on that. Read Also – transition words

Organise your research 

You have gathered enough information by researching, and now it’s time to fill every section of the research paper with adequate and pertinent information. So, this step is all about organising your research. First, understand what your bibliography will include and where it ought to be placed. Then, think about how you can write your thesis that hooks your readers. The best way to organise your research paper is to form an outline. essay paraphrasing tool The outline is your blueprint for the research paper, where you list headings, subheadings, and the data that needs to be packed in the sections.

In conclusion,

Once you are done with all the four steps mentioned in this article, you will be amazed at how relaxed you feel with your work. These steps will buy less time from your schedule and result in better if followed diligently. Also, once you have your outline prepared, you can depend on it to create your final draft. Therefore, following these steps will have 60% of the job done in less time.

Summary: Research paper writing is never a daunting process with the proper techniques and skills in place. While you have been equipped with the techniques, you can enroll in courses to polish your research, analysing, and writing skills—all the best to create your following submission-worthy research paper.

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