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How To Run A Successful NFT Marketing Campaign

You must have come across the acronym NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) during the global metaverse debate that followed Mark Zuckerberg’s ground-breaking discovery.

Some predicted that it would be use as a form of virtual currency for transacting in the metaverse, while others made assumptions and linked NFT to cryptocurrencies.

NFTs are exactly what?

Why should marketers be concerned about it, too? Or is it merely a trendy term?

What is the actual truth? Who is to say? You should be aware that NFTs are also advancing in the fields of technology and art. For instance, Nyan CAT GIF recently sold for $600000.

Here is a blog post about NFT marketing advice to help you with any of your questions.

But first, let’s define NFT so that we may proceed with the NFT marketing guide.

NFT Marketing: What Is It?

You must first comprehend what NFT is in order to grasp NFT marketing.

NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are a type of digital asset that may be purchased and traded in the form of pictures, films, games, and other intangible objects.

And these NFTs will create certificates that are distinctive in order to demonstrate the ownership of the individual owner.

The blockchain is a digital ledger where this ownership token will be recorded.

I am aware that the notion has grown somewhat challenging for you to grasp, however here is an illustration:

Consider that for a moment.

Say you’ve published a book. You would own the rights to the book.

The original copy of your book would be yours even though millions of copies would be made available.

Right here is where NFT can be of assistance. NFT would keep a record of your book as it was originally owned by you as an ownership token.

Additionally, because everything would be transparent, everyone would need to agree on which file is the original.

While you would have an original and tokenized version of your property, others could still have a copy.

However, you must keep in mind that in NFT, there would be virtual items rather than real ones, as you comprehend this example.

Instead, your purchase is document on a blockchain ledger.

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How Does Web 3.0 Affect NFT?

You must first comprehend Web 3.0 in order to understand how it relates to NFT.

Web 3.0 will be an improved version of the current internet infrastructure (2.0).

Metaverse, a new dimension within this improved version of the internet, will have “games, film, concerts, social platforms, education, and simulation-based training.”

The internet will be in its third generation.

Since it will mix machine learning and big data to offer a personalized user experience, it is view as a new technological revolution.

Recent projections predict that the metaverse industry will reach $678.8 billion by 2030.

The social media revolution of 2007 has some similarities to this internet revolution.

Users would still access the internet using a web browser even with Web 3.0, although it would be more user-friendly than Web 2.0.

Let’s now examine the connection between Web 3.0 and NFT.

It shares a lot of similarities with the relationship between NFT, VR, and blockchain.

The fact that NFT is not conceivable without metaverse is the only connection between web 3.0 and NFT.

How Can NFT Marketing Strategy Be Used By Other Brands?

If you even have a passing familiarity with current events, you must be aware that major companies have begun to enter the metaverse.

Virtual reality and augmented reality appear to be the newest trends in digital marketing.

Companies are creating virtual storefronts and showrooms so that clients may take virtual tours and interact with the area, as well as 3D representations of the products.

Users will be able to virtually try on goods like colors, cosmetics, and home furnishings by using augmented reality.


The trend is just getting started, as we’ve just seen. NFT sales surged 464% in 3 months, from the end of June to the end of October 2021, according to Jackofalltechs.

You did read that correctly.

But trust me, it’s still not too late.

Because it covers all the issues pertinent to NFT marketing, this comprehensive book will be very helpful to you.

For a deeper understanding of NFT marketing and how it will impact e-commerce in the future, read this guide.
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