How to pick the best lash shampoo in Canada?

How to pick the best lash shampoo in Canada?

In this article, we will guide you on how you can pick the best lash shampoo and the importance of Lash shampoos while wearing Lash extensions. We’ll guide you through all pros and cons of the best lash shampoo, which type of shampoo you need to buy and how many times you have to use your shampoo.

Cleanse your eyelash extensions

First and the foremost step

Cleaning your lash extensions is an essential component of every extension wearer’s daily regimen since it keeps them healthy and securely connected to natural lashes.

One of the finest methods to do so is using foam lash cleansers. More and more lash artists are adding them to their aftercare advice packages, and as a consequence, customers are happy.

Many lash technicians will refuse clients who arrive at their appointments with unclean lash extensions since the extra time spent cleaning the lashes will affect the entire session duration.

What is the purpose of lash shampoo?

Lash Shampoos are designed to gently and efficiently remove grease and makeup from the lashes. Shampooing the extensions at least once a day improves lash health dramatically. Consider the procedure to be comparable to washing your scalp and hair to remove invisible oil and dandruff. Oil and makeup can build up on your extensions and will cause early shedding and might weaken the glue.

What are the advantages of foam lash cleaners over other ways of cleaning?

Well-formulated lash cleaners rinse entirely, leaving no residue on your lashes. Be wary of makeup removers that claim to be lash extension-friendly! A good lash shampoo will be sulphate-free, which means it will not lose moisture from your extensions or loosen the connection.

As you cannot use oil make up remover or pads on the extensions, this is the safest way to keep your lashes clean without tugging or damaging the extensions.

Who uses lash washers?

As part of their aftercare routine, all lash extension users should utilize lash cleaners. Many clients have dirtier lashes than usual for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they wear a lot of makeup, often exercise or work out, or just have oilier skin.

You should clean your lash extensions regularly if you have greasy eyes. The same is true for those who wear eye makeup. If you don’t have such problems, clean your lashes twice or three times every week. This is why we recommend using our Best Lash Cleansing Brush, as its soft fibers are designed to help cleanse your extensions with ease and no chance of damage.

Many people will misguide you that there is no need to use any kind of special shampoo but reality is, lash shampoo is designed specifically for lash extensions. Oil and make up remover is for make up.

Pros of Eyelash extension

Now we’ll discuss a few benefits of lash extension which everybody needs to know before going to the salon and or applying any best lash shampoo in Canada!

One of the most significant advantages is the ability to seem put together at any time of day since they give the wearer the illusion of already having mascara on. Some people even opt to use eyelash extensions as their sole cosmetic treatment.

Eyelash extensions will not only make you appear more put together when you get out of bed, but they will also save you a significant amount of time. If you use eyeliner and mascara daily, eyelash extensions will save you a lot of time in front of the mirror. Eyelash extensions provide volume to the natural lash line, elevate the face, and make people look younger. Eyelash extensions can help you achieve raised and flawless skin.


With any beauty service, upkeep is necessary to keep the look of the lash extensions. If you are a low maintenance gal we suggest Lash Lift and tint. This will curl your natural lashes for up to 3 months. Pairing it with our very own Revive7 lash serum to increase your lash length will give you the look of extensions.

Some FAQS:

How often should I use lash shampoo?

To enhance lash retention and proper eyelash cleanliness, use the foamy lash wash 2-3 times per week. Cleaning your lash extensions is an important element of successful lash extension upkeep and maintenance, especially if you can pair our Best Last Cleansing Brush with our very own Lash Cleansing Bottle, giving you a lash bath before beginning a new set!

What happens if you don’t wash your eyelash extensions with proper care?

When you neglect your regular lash wash,

your lash follicles can become blocked with oil, grit, and debris, making new lash growth difficult. So, once you are done with your eyelash extension you need to maintain proper care.

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