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How to make money from junkyards

How to make money from junkyards: A guide to turning a profit by buying and selling cars and parts from junkyards.

Junkyards are a treasure trove of valuable cars and parts that can be bought and sold for a profit. Whether you’re looking to make a side income or start a full-time business, a junkyard can be a great source of income. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to make money from junkyards.

Types of Junkyards

There are three main types of junkyards: full-service, self-service, and online. Full-service junkyards offer a range of services, from purchasing cars and parts to repairing and selling them. Self-service junkyards, on the other hand, allow customers to remove parts from cars themselves. Online junkyards operate through e-commerce platforms, allowing customers to buy and sell parts from the comfort of their homes.

Sourcing Inventory

To make money from junkyards, it’s essential to scout for valuable cars and parts. Evaluate the condition of the cars and parts, and negotiate prices with junkyard owners. Look for cars and parts that are in high demand, such as engines, transmissions, and body panels. If you’re buying cars, consider the value of the car as a whole versus the value of the parts that can be sold.

Selling Inventory

There are several online sales platforms, such as eBay and Craigslist, that can be used to sell parts. Local sales platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace or classified ads, are also effective for reaching customers in your area. Setting fair prices is essential for building a good reputation and encouraging repeat business. Creating appealing listings with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos is also crucial for attracting buyers.

Tools and Equipment

To remove parts from cars, you will need basic tools such as wrenches, pliers, and sockets. To run a successful junkyard, you will need basic equipment such as forklifts, tow trucks, and storage containers. Optional equipment such as a car crusher or a car shredder can increase efficiency and help you get rid of cars that are no longer profitable.

Legal and Safety Considerations

Running a junkyard requires licenses and permits, depending on the location and the type of junkyard. Environmental regulations must also be followed to prevent pollution and avoid fines. Safety precautions, such as providing protective gear and training employees on how to safely remove parts from cars, are crucial for avoiding accidents and injuries.

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Tips for Success

Networking with other junkyard owners can help you learn new tips and tricks and stay up to date with market trends. Building relationships with customers and providing excellent customer service can encourage repeat business and positive reviews. Staying up to date with market trends and adjusting your inventory accordingly is also essential for staying profitable.


Making money from junkyards requires a combination of hard work, knowledge, and business acumen. By following the tips and guidelines in this guide, you can start your own profitable junkyard and turn your passion for cars into a successful business. Start small, build your reputation, and watch your profits grow.

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