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How to Get Story Views on Instagram: Ultimate Guide

Not particularly useful, Instagram Stories are an IG staple, but they are a GREAT way to showcase yourself as an influencer and connect with your audience – in other words, they make it easy to live with your followers. That might keep you from thinking about a way to increase story views on Instagram. Fortunately, there are many approaches to growing views that don’t require a lot of work on your part!

That’s exactly what we’re going to get into in this post. As a full-time Instagram influencer, I know how irritating it can be to keep up with Instagram, especially when you need to build your following.

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How stories can increase your engagement

How can Stories affect your normal profile engagement? Instagram Stories are a lot less perfect and more simply visible. Your target market is most likely not expecting your stories to become a huge production. You just have to see what you’re up to! With the nature of Instagram Stories – easy to create, low on stress – they can be a way for your target market to see the real you and behind the scenes of your profile.

These will help you build a solid promotion together with your followers! When you become aware of building strong ads together with your Instagram community, you greatly increase your normal engagement! Think of it as a trickle-down effect. While this may seem like an easy-to-understand idea, with the help of many amateur influencers, it’s been badly overlooked.

Make money with stories

In addition to the trickle-down effect just described, it’s also worth noting that after searching for images from manufacturers on Instagram, you’ll find that manufacturers usually need images with influencers who have a strong relationship with their target market. An easy way for manufacturers to measure their ads along with their target market is the engagement rate.

If you have better engagement, you can charge extra for your Instagram services. In other words: Higher engagement and views = More desired ad space for brands = More money for influencers Media kits are a clean way for influencers like you to pitch their fees with dream sponsors. If you have a rock-solid media package that shows your value, producers are much more likely to lease you for paid campaigns.

Are Instagram Story Views Down?

This is something I think creators communicate quite a bit. “Ahh – does anyone know a way to get better views on your Instagram story? HELP!” Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’ve actually seen many influencers become obsessed with the idea that their stories have to be shaded because the views aren’t right. Frankly, that’s not true! Social media stats are constantly changing, and generally, you have no control over that.

Again, Instagram features and Instagram Stories are situations for variables like:

  • The Instagram Algorithm
  • User Activity
  • The choice to boost or create ads
  • Changes to the feature itself
  • The addition of all-new Instagram features

Remember that every single Instagram feature (posts, roles, stories, explore page, etc.) works on its own personal algorithm. Plus, these algorithms are constantly transforming themselves to provide customers with more content they like! All the tips we can give you will help you get better story views and get followers on Instagram without having to put in a lot of work!

Best tips to get more story views on Instagram

I know that with the help of now you are prepared for this. Here are the best tips for getting extra story views on Instagram:

#1 Keep stories short

Recently, Instagram introduced a feature that shows customers “previews” of Stories. This property is still being tested, but who knows if it will hold up. Anyway, my advice might be to sit down and let the weather come out. The preview feature is the best way for customers to see the first five slides of your Instagram Story.

To see the alternate slides, a viewer must click the “Show More” button. So… try to keep your stories to a maximum of five slides! This may be in the future, but post fewer stories now so they have a good chance of getting views!

#2 Post in Increments

This is where Instagram Analytics comes in handy. People can’t view and use your Instagram Stories if they don’t see them! So if you’re thinking about growing views on Instagram Story, make sure to keep an eye out and submit analytics while your perfect target market is online. To further encourage this, I recommend releasing IG Stories gradually.

For example, let’s say you follow up on your insights and discover that your target market is usually online between 9 am and noon. So instead of submitting all your IG Story slides at 9:00 AM, plan to submit them in hourly increments. In this case, that might mean posting two slides at 9:00 AM, three slides at 10:00 AM, one slide at 11:00 AM, and a few larger slides at 12:00 PM.

The reason for this certainly lies in the nature of stories. Instagram Stories take a place at the top of our news feeds and once a viewer looks at them, they disappear. So, to consistently appear on the front of the Instagram storyline, your main bet is to unfold as you submit!

#3 Use structure

“Structure” refers to cultivating a habit around your stories. Now, for example, if you’re not good at developing stories at the top, it probably makes sense to make a plan while breaking down unique content. Let’s keep communicating about this.

For example, if you’re a style influencer, your story format might look like this:

  1. Monday – BTS Photoshoot of the Weekend
  2. Tuesday – Outfit of the Day + Links
  3. Wednesday – “Wear This Wednesday” Share more than one outfit inspiration slide
  4. Thursday – A day in your life + Q&A
  5. Friday – “Friday Faves”, share some of the factors you love

The structure allows you to better plan your content to stay consistent, an important key to increasing story views on Instagram. It will even add your target market directly to your profile. This can create anticipation for unique types of content and get your fans to listen to you more. You can try this by creating a storyboard. A storyboard may suggest enlarging your Instagram story slides ahead of time (just like the day before you post them) and “line-up” them to make sure you’re happy with the order.

#4 Make them shareable

Shareable content is a high-quality way to introduce new audiences to Instagram and to let the Instagram algorithm know that your content is important and therefore deserves more attention. So keep shareable content in mind when considering how to get a better view on Instagram Story. An easy way to create shareable stories is to use features like the ‘Add yours’ sticker.

The Add your sticker gives you the opportunity to jump on a content ratio that is likely to be viewed by many new eyeballs. So I recommend putting your content into the mix if you see an Add your sticker later! Elite Daily wrote a quality post about using the Add Yours sticker to boost your story game.

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Here are a few shared thoughts for you:

  • Use Shape to create a collection of stories that fans can share with their friends.
  • Use text content to sort your favorite loads or an inspiring message that others share.
  • Use stickers to create something fun, like a juicy ballot. Share any surprising voting results that might lead a person to weigh the results too!

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