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How to Draw An Open Book Easily

How to Draw An Open Book. Books are fantastic as there are endless possibilities of what fits on their pages. They can house anything from knowledge to learn, delicious recipes, personal journals, or great adventures to embark on with your imagination.

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These are just some of the possibilities, and as much fun as reading a book can be, learning how to draw an open book can also be excellent.

However, drawing an open book can be more complicated than you think!

With this step-by-step guide to drawing an open book, you’ll see it can be as easy as turning the page!

How to Draw An Open Book

Step 1

In this tutorial on how to draw an open book, we’ll draw a book lying on a surface with its pages flapping in the wind. First, we draw the spine lying flat on the surface.

You should have a ruler handy for this step (and some subsequent steps) to make things easier.

You’ll draw a straight line for each half of the cover; they should be roughly the same length. They will also be at a slight angle, with a small square shape in the middle.

Then you can draw some lines going up from the ends of the covers. The left will be long, while the left will be short.

Step 2

The pages of your open book drawing will flutter as if caught in a strong breeze, and we’ll start drawing those pages in this step.

We’ll combine some thin rectangular shapes and curved and irregular lines to draw these fluttering sides.

The reference image shows you what we mean by this and should make drawing much easier if you refer to it strictly.

Step 3

We will finish some of the flapping pages you started in the previous step for this step of our how-to-draw an open book guide.

You can use curved lines to connect some of the lines you drew in the previous one. These connect them to create more thin rectangular shapes you’ve already drawn.

Step 4

Before we add some final details to your open book design, we will finish the cover outline.

Using a few straight and curved lines, carefully draw the rest of the shape that will form the flat cover on the left side of the book.

That’s all there is to this step, then move on to the last details we mentioned!

Step 5

In this step of our how-to-draw-an-open book guide, we’ll complete the final details so you can get ready to start coloring! These details mainly refine the effect of the flapping pages.

Draw An Open Book

To do this, you can add many thin curved lines inside the rectangular shapes you drew in the previous shapes. This will give the impression that many pages are close together.

This will do for our details, but feel free to add your own! You can draw a background to show this book’s room or draw other books around it. You could even draw a scene from your favorite book projected out of this open book for a different creative angle!

Your Open Book Drawing is Finished!

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