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How Much Does it Cost to Have Someone Write your Research Paper? A Complete Information

Many students worldwide suffer from poor time management on their graded assignments. There are many ways students can reduce their workload, such as using research paper writing service, etc. The problem arises from misinformation many pupils have in their minds. Their most significant query is, “online paper writing services are expensive.” This blog will uncover how much it costs to have someone write your research paper. Let’s go.

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Cost of Online Customized Research Paper

The million-dollar question in every student’s mind is, “what’s the cost?”. The answer to this question is not as straightforward or black and white as it looks. There are thousands of online writing help a student can choose from. Most of them offer cheap work and some expensive. 

The real question you should be asking is, “am I going to get authentic work on my project?” Let us break down the cost factor into small pieces for your understanding. 

Cost of a High School Research Paper 

The average cost will be low if you are a high school student and need a paper or essay on American history, politics, and geography. For example, an average cost of 300 words or a one-page essay will be between 4-6$. It might include one free revision, depending on your chosen website.

Many online essay writings provide expensive ones ranging from 7-12$ per page for the same humanities subjects essay. They do offer one to two free revisions for a limited time only.

Cost of College or University Research Paper

After high school, the syllabus of colleges and universities becomes more difficult. Many students need help to nail the first semester of their college. A thorough general research paper on humanities such as literary arts, political science, or international relations costs around 8-15$ per page of 300 words or less.

A scientific research paper, such as chemistry, biological sciences, theoretical physics, etc., can cost you as much as 8$ per 150 words. So if you are studying any of the above or related subjects, make sure to have the minimum amount available.

P.hD Research Paper Cost

For doctorate-level students, the cost of research papers depends on the assignment’s needs. For example, if a Ph.D. research student needs just his thesis written by someone, it will be cheaper. The cost of a complete dissertation ranges between 8-10$ per page. If you want total citations or sources mentioned, you have to pay an additional 2$ per page.

Comprehensive research of your Ph.D. subject will cost an average of 12-15$ per page, including revisions and edits. But if you want to add more words than you have mentioned in your instructions, then 4-5$ per page will be added to your estimation.

For students who have already made an outline of their topic and want a writer to complete their work, it’s very economical. Since you have already completed the tricky part, it will cost you around 5$ per page. Your assigned writer will only write context based on pre-existing outlines.

Cost of Paying Someone Vs. Writing Your Work

Most college students think it’s best to write your own assignments without help. It does sound good, but the benefits are zero to none. But when you look at the results, you will realize it was a decision that cost you the best grades. In the short term, you can save your pocket from this expense.  

On the other hand, hiring experts to do your work keeps you in top contention for good grades. Spending a few bucks will return the investment 3 or 5 folds when you get an A+. Similarly, having a graduate or master’s degree with an A+ will help you launch your career at full speed. Every interview of your life will be highlighted as a college and university topper. So countless benefits await you when you share your academic burden with an authentic research paper writing agency.

Cost of Proofreading/ Edits on an Already Written Research Paper

Many students only need a second set of eyes to look at their college essay from an outsider’s perspective. These students have already written what they can and are requesting expert opinions. Many websites might ask for five or a maximum of 10$ for this review. 

Remember, these reviews only offer an opinion, and a writer will not write new words for you. They usually recommend what paragraph should be removed or what type of additional information can be added to enhance its grades.

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We have gathered our insights and offered as much information as we can. Ultimately, it all depends on students and what are their prime objectives. Hiring someone is easy and offers many advantages we cannot get from our handwritten work. Hiring online research writers is also very cheap compared to the stress and workload you must carry if you decide otherwise.

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