How is Lortab Abuse Affecting Your Brain?

If you abuse one of the most popular prescription painkillers on the market, it may affect your brain. After all, Lortabs are derived from opioids and so abusing them can lead to serious risks for individuals. According to a recent study, however, abuse of Lortabs may not only increase the risk of addiction to the drug but also result in a weakening of the brain.

Lortabs can have a significant impact on the brain. The study states that in addition to addiction and unregulated use, prolonged abuse of Lortabs is having a similar effect as it did years ago. The study said that “the brain changes its structural composition specifically in regions involved in learning and memory, including the frontal and temporal cortices.

How is Lortab Abuse Dangerous?

1. Addiction and Regulated Use

How is Lortab Abuse more susceptible to developing an addiction? Of course, people abuse painkillers like Lortabs because they are a healthy alternative to opioids. However, over time, most users will develop a dependence on them and may find themselves unable to function without them. Worse, users in the study were using much larger amounts of Lortabs than normal prescription opioid abusers usually do. The study found that “the brain changes how it responds to Lortabs and alters the way it can process drug information and make decisions.”

2. Long-Term Effects of Abusing Lortabs

Lortabs are made with acetaminophen, a non-narcotic pain reliever that can also cause problems in the brain. The study states that “increased levels of acetaminophen were associated with long-term abuse of Lortabs and an opioid dependence. The study found that this led to “serious, long-term health effects,” such as liver damage. Therefore, anyone abusing Lortabs should be aware of the potential dangers and use acetaminophen responsibly.

3. Mental Changes Impaired Cognition and Decision-Making.

The study found that abusers of Lortab had decreased cognitive function in their frontal lobe, which is responsible for executive functioning. According to the study, “Lortab abuse bears similarities to alcohol abuse, which is a well-established cause of brain damage.” People who suffer from chronic alcoholism are twice as likely to develop brain damage in this part of the brain.

4. Changes in The Brain Cause Addiction and Craving for Lortabs

The study found that prolonged use of Lortabs causes changes in the brain that force an individual to need more of the drug. The study states that the patient’s brains were “less able to respond to Lortabs and other opioids in the same way they had before the long period of painkiller abuse,” making it difficult to stop taking them.

Lortabs are a commonly abused prescription painkiller. Over time, drug abuse can increase the risk of addiction and may have serious effects on the brain. Therefore, if you need Lortabs, consult your doctor rather than turning to Lortabs abuse.


For those abusing Lortab prescription pills, you may want to start thinking about what you’re doing to your body and brain. Opioid painkillers like Lortabs can cause significant damage to your body, and if you’re abusing them regularly, it can severely impact your brain.

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