How is Christmas Celebrated in UAE Schools?

How is Christmas Celebrated in UAE Schools

With Christmas almost upon us, it’s time to reminisce about past Christmases as we welcome the holiday season. It is impossible to forget the endless school concerts, assemblies and Nativity plays that played such a significant role in our childhoods; time spent with loved ones, special family traditions and of course, time spent with loved ones. Schools emphasized holiday celebrations and activities to parents educated in their countries of origin. In the past, schools were used by broader societies and cultures to pass on values, beliefs, and religion to their students.

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The Holidays, Traditions, and Culture:

That your child will experience in a foreign country are likely to be very different from those you experienced at home, especially if you were raised abroad.

People From Different Cultures have a Natural Chance to Meet at Schools in Dubai,

Because of the city’s multicultural nature. Through peer exchanges, children gain first-hand knowledge about diversity from peers from various cultures and religions. The natural education they receive from their friends has many benefits, such as learning about Diwali and Ramadan. This allows children to see the world from a more global perspective than from a local one. Christmas is celebrates on 25th December each year to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birth. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas in school, and this is a wonderful time of year. To get you starts with the Christmas celebration in school, here are some ideas:

There Is No Better Time of the Year Than Christmas!

Christ will always be the reason for our celebration as long as we remain heart to heart and hand in hand.” ! Beyond just a day, Christmas is a frame of mind.” “Christmas is not only a time to rejoice, but also to reflect.”

On 12th of December, the schools of the UAE celebrates Christmas and New Year. Students were asked to wear color dresses as the school was beautifully decorating with Christmas trees and lights. Grade 6A students performs the morning assembly. In continuous celebration, KG, primary, and secondary students performs energetic dances to wish friends and teachers a Merry Christmas. After tablo (secondary girls), our Principal Mr. Saji Omen gave students and staff a wonderful message regarding Christmas and the New Year. The UAE government also deserves praise for supporting such activities in schools. Students were entertains even more by Santa Claus, who gave them chocolates at the end of the function. Following the celebration, the students went to their respective classes for a delicious class party. There was lots of fun and enjoyment throughout the entire day.


Add seasonal accents to your classroom by decorating it with a Christmas tree, string lights, and other decorations. This will create a fun, happy environment for students. What Are The Steps To Writing An Essay On Christmas? Plan a Christmas party for the students involving holiday refreshments, games, and activities. An exchange of gifts or hidden Santa can be organizing. Use your imagination to create Christmas decorations: Students can use their creativity to create their own decorations based on the theme of Christmas. They can be using to create paper snowflakes, Christmas cards, and other festive projects. Traditional Christmas carols should be sung by the students. It’s a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Story Time:

Share your favorite Christmas stories with your pupils. The origins and customs of the holiday could be explains to them in an entertaining and interesting manner this way. Put on a holiday movie and watch it in the classroom or in the school auditorium with the pupils. Observing the holiday in this way is enjoyable and tranquil. For students celebrating Christmas in school, here are a few tips: 

Hold a Gingerbread House Baking Day:

 Make gingerbread houses with the students, biscuits, and other holiday treats. You can mark the occasion in a tasty and enjoyable manner with this recipe. The Christmas season is a good time to organize a holiday concert where students can perform for teachers and their fellow classmates. Their skills will be showcases and everyone will feel the festive spirit, which is a wonderful opportunity.

Make Cards,

To make Christmas cards for their friends, families, and teachers, students should design and create their own cards. Spreading holiday cheer in this way is fun and personal. School celebrations of Christmas can take many forms. Make the classroom festive and fun by decorating, planning a party, doing crafts, singing carols, reading stories, and watching movies. Best wishes for the holidays!

The Assistance of a Professional:

Giving without expecting anything in return is an important part of Christmas celebrations. Now is the time of year to let go of our daily stresses and tensions and celebrate with the happiest spirits. The 25th of December is the date on which Christmas is celebrates every year. Due to its proximity to Christmas, it is also calls Christmas Eve. Jesus’ birth is celebrates during this time. It is around this time that many nations with a large Christian minority give their students long holidays.

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They also burden them with heavy academic responsibilities during vacations. Furthermore, they also burden them with heavy academic responsibilities during vacations. This could spoil the joy of the students on the major Christmas day.

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