How DDoS Protected VPS can Save your Website From cyberattacks?

How DDoS Protected VPS can Save your Website From cyberattacks?

A large percentage of website owners are either shifting to or opting for a virtual private server to host their websites. This is because VPS hosting is the most competent & affordable web hosting solution that comes with high-grade web hosting benefits & managerial privileges. In this article, we have highlighted how DDoS protected VPS can further provide you with the ultimate security assurance and become your perfect choice for hosting your website. Also, you will learn the essential things you must take into consideration while looking for a DDoS VPS provider in order to buy the best VPS hosting plan for your website. Dig into the sections below and gain all the necessary insights. 

What is DDoS Attack?

Among numerous cyber attacks that a website can encounter, DDoS has become one of the most prevalent and risky threats. DDoS attacks have become so common and are enough big concern that one must partner with a web hosting provider that offers effective measures & strategies to deal with them. Without a web host providing DDoS protection, your website is easily open to these attacks and can go offline any second.  

Basically, DDoS refers to a Distributed Denial of Service that functions as a kind of attack where a single entity or a group of users make an attempt to take your website down from the Internet. As a result of the DDoS attack, your website becomes unavailable and inaccessible to everyone. Practically, DDoS tends to suspend or interrupt the running web hosting services for a website. One of the most typical ways that DDoS employs to accomplish this is by overloading your web hosting server while sending a significant volume of false connections.

How Does DDoS Protected VPS Secure Your Website From Cyber-attacks?

How Does DDoS Protected VPS Secure Your Website From Cyber-attacks?

When you host your website on DDoS protected VPS hosting server, your website obtains the measures to easily combat DDoS attacks under all situations. Above this, with the DDoS protected VPS hosting plans, you obtain the following highly beneficial hosting features – 


You get the liberty to customize your whole web hosting environment without any restrictions. You can operate the required applications and programs in order to host your website successfully and securely. 

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Unique IP address

With VPS Server hosting, your website easily acquires a unique IP address (dedicated IP address). This further lets you obtain an SSL certificate for your website. And, both these factors help to intensify the security of your website’s data. Consequently, your website attains better search engine optimization because search engines also prefer to provide high rankings to the most secure websites. 

Root control access

You can ask for root control access to your managed VPS hosting from your web host. This permits you to easily alter the server configuration settings. You further obtain the authority to run, manage and secure your web hosting platform the way you need. Moreover, you can install the preferred operating system as well as execute the required data protection layers to ensure the full safety of your website & its visitors. 

Easy scalability

Under Cheap VPS hosting, you get access to highly available dedicated web resources. These resources operate solely for your website without being shared. Furthermore, you get the possibility to quickly scale them based on your website’s workload with utmost ease. 

Things You Need to Look at in Your DDoS Protected VPS Provider

Mentioned below listed are the things you must seek before you decide to choose any VPS hosting provider. Let’s acquire a rapid glance at them!

Uptime network

Your web hosting provider must provide a guarantee of at least 99.90% uptime along with secure network channels for your website hosting. At the same time, your website must attain the fastest connectivity. 

24/7/365 Technical & customer assistance

You must acquire round-the-clock technical as well as customer support through proficient professionals with the best VPS hosting. 

Control panel options

Your web host must offer you an effective control panel option in order to let you administer your virtual private server hosting with high efficiency.


You must attain the support of powerful hardware tools as well as enterprise-grade equipment with the virtual private server. 

Security features

Your web hosting provider must deliver VPS hosting with the most advanced data security measures for the ultimate protection of your website. 

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A virtual private server is a compelling web hosting solution that enables you to dodge all the restraints & limitations one confronts with shared server web hosting. It comes with the capability to provide hosting flexibility, server customizability, maximum uptime, and other hyper-scale advantages. Further, a DDoS protected VPS enables you to receive high-level security that protects your website against all cyber threats. 

Moreover, you must reach out to the most steadfast & top-notch web host for making the best utilization of VPS web hosting. Here we can confidently recommend you Hostbillo web hosting company. Hostbillo is the most reliable & industry-leading web hosting company well renowned for rendering DDoS protected VPS hosting plans with top-grade services at the cheapest pricing. It meets all the hosting factors discussed in the previous segment. The company also provides the support of cutting-edge hosting facilities & resilient web technologies along with premium customer service support. You can visit the official site of Hostbillo to acquire insightful information regarding excellent yet cheap virtual private server web hosting plans. 

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