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MMI Question Bank

Get Ready for Your MMI With an MMI Question Bank

An MMI question bank is a great addition to your preparation for medical school interviews. Often, one can be accessed as an add-on if you sign up to a Medicine interview course, but equally signing up to a question bank alone can be a great choice for many students. Here we’ll think about the benefits of a question bank and how to use them, as well as how a question bank might fit alongside a Medicine interview course.

Benefits of a Question Bank

An MMI question bank is a brilliant way of refreshing and directing your revision. A good option – like that offered by BlackStone Tutors, here – will provide numerous benefits. Let’s consider some of them here:

– Many students suffer from some form of revision or preparation fatigue whilst they are getting ready for their MMIs. This is entirely natural. A question bank offers a faster-paced, novel way of working through dozens of questions in a session, and being able to quickly compare your answers.

– In a sense it’s a somewhat more gamified approach, which makes the prep feel a little more fun, and a little less like an arduous undertaking.

– An MMI question bank will offer far more questions than you are likely to encounter elsewhere. Considering the BlackStone Tutors offering above, for example, we find that there are more than 500 questions in the bank. This is more than you are ever likely to need – however, they are subdivided into different categories, meaning that you can hone in on specific areas, strengthening them as needed.

– A question bank will provide model answers for every question. The BlackStone Tutors bank has answers written by doctors who have graduated from top UK universities (Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial or King’s). This ensures that you can compare your answers to those who have been through the process of getting into medical school, studying Medicine – and teaching others how to get into medical school.

– Question banks will allow you to move through questions and topics much more efficiently than you otherwise might, and will provide direction on what you need to cover.

How to use an MMI Question Bank

The best way to use an MMI question bank is to use it relatively continuously throughout your prep. It can help you to lay the foundations near the start of the time spent revising, as it will give you a great idea of all the content that could possibly come up – in turn ensuring that you are able to go away and work through websites, books, or articles covering them, as well as making sure that you spend the time reflecting on each area that covers your personal experiences and learnings.

Next, a question bank should be used during the main bulk of your revision to ensure that you are being exposed to real sample MMI questions, and you are developing answers that tally with the approach, and quality, of those provided by real doctors.

Lastly, as you begin to move into the final phase of your preparation, the MMI question bank can be an invaluable tool, as it allows you to cover blindspots, polish areas (again with the help of the model answers) and avoid feeling too fatigued, as you might if you simply read through content and tried to use numerous different websites.

A good question bank, like the BlackStone Tutors offering, will also offer techniques and approaches that you can employ – which you can use throughout your prep.

Choosing the Best MMI Prep Course

It’s also vital to choose an MMI prep course that will prepare you, alongside the MMI question bank. The best MMI prep course will be one that offers small group learning, and experienced tutors. Once again, the Blackstone Tutors offering is a great bet. This course has been developed over some years, and has a range of different approaches, covers numerous stations, and has great reviews from both schools and individuals world-wide.

Crucially, all the tutors are from top UK medical schools, or are already doctors – meaning that you can be confident that the information that they provide you is sufficient to help you get a place in the very best medical schools in the UK.

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