fresno amusement park is good place for enjoymnt

The Location:

hub that will include an indoor  hotels, retail space, and outlets. The project is expected to cost around $200 million and generate over 880 jobs! fresno amusement park

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The Set-Up:

The Fresno entertainment hub will be a major player in the state of California. The project includes an indoor  hotels, and retail. There were conversations of outlets also being around the area as well fresno amusement park . The idea is to make Fresno a destination spot that has something for everyone: families, couples, and single individuals can all have their needs met with this project.

What Will it Look Like?

The Fresno entertainment hub will be made up of a major indoor   hotels and retail. The mayor has also said that there are conversations about outlets being around the area as well. However, no specifics have been released yet. Many people in the city of Fresno have been waiting for this project for a long time and it is finally starting to become a reality. Mayor Lee Brand says that even though there are many projects on the horizon, this is one of his top priorities. He hopes that it will serve as an economic driver for the entire region and attract more visitors than ever before.

How Will they Market?

The  entertainment hub will be a major tourist attraction that will bring in people from all over the state. To keep people coming back and making it a successful business, they need to market themselves well.
Some ways the team plans on marketing are through advertising on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. They also plan on marketing themselves by sending out ads in newspapers and magazines around California. The marketing budget is not set yet but one thing is for sure; the team needs to invest more time into social media advertising than print ads because that is where their target audience is most often online.


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