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Duolingo English Test: Price, Process and Significance

Students willing to study abroad must prepare themselves for the admission tests and score well in them to grab a seat in one of the top universities. For those who are willing to study in Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom, it is necessary to take an English proficiency test. Duolingo English Test is popular among students willing to study in these countries.

The test will assess your English reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities. The text has all the elements to evaluate you and help you prove yourself to the admission panel. Duolingo English test has become popular with time and has been one of the best methods to help universities understand an international student’s hold over the language.

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One of the major reasons Duolingo has surpassed other English proficiency tests is the fees. The cost of registering and appearing for the Duolingo English test is comparatively lower than IELTS and TOEFL. But don’t be under the misconception that Duolingo is a free test. You need to pay 49 USD to register and appear for the test.

Students preparing for international education must know about the registration process and the significance of the test. Here’s a detailed look into the registration process and points that make the test important for students:

Registration process

Registering for Duolingo is easy if you have the right guidance. Students willing to study abroad must understand how to get things done fast and prepare themselves to score well in the papers. Here’s a look into the registration process:

  • Step 1Download and install the Duolingo appSign up for Duolingo
    • Step 2
      • Click on the Duolingo icon once the download is complete
      • You will get the option of ‘Take the test’
      • Confirm the various documents needed for the test
      • Confirm that you are in a well-lit room and no one else is present
    • Step 3
      • You will be prompted to test the microphone and speaker for listening and speaking tests
      • You will also be asked to pose for a photograph
    • Step 4
      • Choose the country and ID proof you want to use
    • Step 5
      • You will be prompted to present your ID card to the camera
    • Step 6
      • You will be asked to enter information from your ID proof
    • Step 7
      • You will be asked to follow certain rules and agree to the test security agreement
    • Step 8
      • Once you have completed all the above steps, you will be asked to make the payment
    • Step 9
      • Begin your exam

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Some important points to remember

  • Once you pay the fees, your registration is complete
    • You must take the test within 21 days; else it will lapse and you will not get any refunds
    •  While preparing for the exam, ensure to take time and not miss the deadline
    • Take a practice test before registering to understand your weak points and work on them
    • Plan your study as per the Duolingo exam pattern
    • Refer to the score guide, and compare them to English language proficiency tests to understand the required score

Significance of Duolingo English test

Duolingo is one of the most important tests for students willing to study abroad. You need to prepare yourself well to sail through the problems and score well in them. If you are wondering how the test is important for the admission process, here are some points that prove the significance of the Duolingo English test:

  • Standardised English proficiency test
  • English placement test
  • Corporate verification of applicants

You must look for help from study abroad consultants to learn the best ways to approach such tests. You need to prepare yourself for the exam if you want to grab a seat in one of the top universities abroad. Students have always looked for simple ways to sail through the same. You cannot get admission to a top-tier university if you don’t have a good Duolingo score.

It is important to know the right ways to register for the test and plan things well. The test has become important with time. Duolingo tests can be taken from the comfort of your home, unlike other English proficiency tests. Students need not visit a venue to attempt the test. Also, you can use the score to apply to more than one university.

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Duolingo has been an important test to help students overcome the odds and be close to getting admission into one of the top universities. You can look for help from the experts to prepare yourself well to score well in Duolingo tests.

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