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Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters – Rank S Overview

Since its release in 2016, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak by Devsisters has amassed millions of downloads across multiple gaming platforms. This platformer with a sweet and crunchy aesthetic has caught the attention of gamers thanks to its impressive set of features and diverse cast of characters, which led to its initial labeling as Cookie Run 2. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the best Cookie Run Ovenbreak characters in the casual game after the most recent patch. Without further ado, let’s get into the items on the list.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters – Tier S

Below is a list of the ten Cookie Run Ovenbreak characters under Tier S. Check them out below;

Wind Archer Cookie

The first of our cookies is the Legendary Wind Archer. Once you reach the Champions League, you unlock this cookie, which is armed with a powerful bow and arrow. According to the game, this cookie was magically transformed into the Wind Archer by an unknown entity. This cookie has the ability to score points by killing ghosts with its bow and arrow.

In addition, with the aid of a magical candy, this cookie can shoot an arrow that kills all visible ghosts. As far as scores go, both abilities of this cookie will earn you a ton in the game.

Peach Cookie

Peach Cookie is a swift and skilled martial arts expert. This legendary pink candy has a reputation for calm assurance. Peach Cookie is known for the two peaches she wears on her hair. To get your hands on Plum Cookie, you must first acquire her. Peach Cookie occasionally engages in the plum fist training mode in her quest to improve her fighting skills. During this mode, the slide button transforms into a punch button that can be used to destroy obstacles.

In addition, the final boss of the level is a huge boulder that can only be defeated by a combination of blows. Plum Pastilles are the magical candies that, when gathered, restore health and enable a flying kick that awards flying kick points. You can easily rack up a high score using either ability.

Dark Choco Cookie

It was said that Cookie went into the unknown in search of adventure and glory. But alas, this Cookie unwittingly discovered the Strawberry Jam sword. Dark Choco Cookie was born because it was able to defeat the would-be savior. This mysterious cookie contains extraordinary abilities that will facilitate a smooth and fruitful business venture. The cookies’ ability to conjure Dark Lightning and make dark jellies at the same time stands out as a particular talent. When you have collected enough dark jellies, you can use Dark Swordsmanship and call forth dark spheres.

Players can earn destruction points and dark jellies by destroying these spheres. Dark Choco Cookie’s body will absorb the power of nighttime for use in Magic Candy. A double jump and slide during this time will activate the Ultimate Dark Lightning ability, clearing the way for the cookies to travel. If you make it to Land 7 in the Trophy Race, you will receive a Dark Choco Cookie as a reward.

Peppermint Cookie

The beach is one of Peppermint Cookie’s favorite places in the world. Peppermint Whale, a close friend, often joins her as she gazes off into the distance. Since she is one of the game’s starting cookies, Peppermint Cookie is a cinch to get your hands on. This unassuming cookie has the ability to call upon and ride Peppermint Whale by blowing a conch shell. Players can call upon jelly-eating dolphins by pressing the jump and slide buttons during this time.

The level of Peppermint Cookies and the number of points earned during this event both went up. At regular intervals, pillars of water erupt from Magic Candy. By doing so, you can make Peppermint Bubble Jellies, whose value rises in tandem with the progress of the cookies.

Marshmallow Cookie

The legendary Marshmallow Cookie is featured in a joyous parade setting. This cookie enjoys making a splash whenever she appears, so she always attracts a large group of her fellow cookies. For her abilities, the player must gather the instrument jellies that spawn throughout the run in order to call upon the Sugar Guards. For every three sugar guards you collect, the parade meter will fill up. In response to a full gauge, sugar guards will begin making march jellies for the parade. The sugar guards will be able to make superior extra mighty march jellies using the magic candy.

Sea Fairy Cookie

The Breakout Shop is selling cookies shaped like a legendary character. Once upon a time, a curse froze Sea Fairy Cookie solid. Her frozen spirit was thawed by the generosity and kindness of her fellow cookies. Sea Fairy Cookie’s abilities include the ability to call upon wave blasts that can be used to break down barriers. Furthermore, it yields Sea Crystal Jellies as a byproduct. More waves appear during the run as the cookie’s level increases.

After she uses up her ability, an effect resembling oceanic magic called “Magic Candy” will be generated. The essence will go wherever Sea Fairy Cookie goes, destroying anything in its path so that sea crystal jellies can form.

Spinach Cookie

At the outset of the game, you can recruit the epic Spinach Cookie. The legend claims that this cookie adores vegetables of every size, shape, and color. In addition, she is well-known for the high-quality vegetable soup she prepares. As for her abilities, five vegetable jellies appear in rapid succession while she’s running. These jellies have an effect only when collected by the player. The Giant Mode induced by consuming Spinach Jellies is one such side effect.

Pepper jellies can also activate a special Blast Mode. With Magic Candy, gathering just one vegetable jelly will temporarily transform regular jellies into bite-sized vegetable jellies.

Moonlight Cookie

The legendary character Moonlight Cookie Geometry Dash Subzero is playable right from the get-go. Legend has it that ancient wizards baked these cookies to protect their settlement. Moonlight Cookie’s talents include the ability to sleep while riding the moon. During this time, our protagonist concocts a sleeping powder that not only renders all dangers moot but also grants her complete immunity to harm. Twinkling Star Jellies, her Magic Candy, fall from the heavens, and collecting them is worth some points.

Blackberry Cookie

Blackberry Cookie is a game’s first epic playable character. The multitasking skills of this cookie have earned it much acclaim. Blackberry Cookie isn’t just a hard worker; she’s also reliable rescuer for her boss. Her trick involves ghosts that, at regular intervals, transform ordinary jellies into Blackberry Jellies. If she has a fourth Ghost friend, she’ll be able to make even more potent Blackberry Jellies and Blackberry Potions with her Magic Candy. Blackberry Jellies are like any other cookie in that their worth increases with the potency of the spell cast upon them.

Lime Cookie

Lime Cookie, an epic hero, is playable right from the get-go. A lot of lime peel was supposedly added to the cookie dough, resulting in this tasty treat. This cookie has a sassy personality thanks to the tart lime. Beach balls appear at random intervals during the run, attesting to her skill. Collecting the balls is optional, but doing a double jump to smash through barriers and release Lime Juice Jellies is a must. The explosions that occur when gathering beach balls are magically affected by the candy. Players can amass more Jelly Juice Points if the enchantment is more potent.

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