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Procedure to Become CA after 12th Science?

Numerous students wonder if it is possible to do CA after 12th science. Since CA is a professional course and offers a lucrative career, CA is becoming popular among science students too. If you think that “can I do CA after 12th science” then this post will cover the detailed process of how to become a CA. Usually, the process is all about clearing all the levels of CA, including foundation, intermediate, and final and completing the mandatory three-year articleship.

Let’s understand more in detail. 

About The CA Course

Chartered Accountancy, or the CA course, is a professional credential focusing on accounting, taxation, auditing, financial assessment, planning, and budgeting for individuals, businesses, and organisations. The ICAI administers the CA course. After completing the Chartered Accounting programme, aspirants can function as auditors, consultants, accountants, and financial managers in a company’s taxes and financial areas. The CA course includes all the knowledge necessary for a student to start a lucrative career as a CA.

Steps To Become A CA After 12th science 

After completing 12th science, becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) in India is a multi-step procedure that normally takes five years. Below is the general procedure to become a CA after completing 12th science:

Step 1. Enrol for CA Foundation Course

After completing the 12th class, students wishing to pursue a Chartered Accounting degree must register for CA Foundation, the entry-level course. Nevertheless, students can take the CA Foundation test once they have completed their 12th examinations.

There is no distinction between commerce and science students by the ICAI, the governing body of CA. Also, the requirements for registering and passing the test are similar for both candidates. 

Students need to get familiar with the CA Foundation syllabus to prepare well. After you clear the exam, you’ll get one step closer to becoming CA after 12th science. 

Step 2. Clear CA Inter Both Groups

Two options exist for enrolling in the CA Intermediate course to become CA After 12th science. The 1st option is by passing the CA foundation exams and the other one is a direct entry. 

With the help of direct entry, graduates can bypass the Foundation level and register for the Intermediate level. However, they need to get at least 60%. 

In addition to the requirements, the candidate also need to complete IT training. You have eight months to finish the CA Inter curriculum. 

To complete the CA Intermediate groups, you must score at least 40% in each subject and 50% in total. To continue to the final step, you must pass both groups. Two months following the CA Intermediate examination, you can get access to the CA Inter results. 

Step 3. Take the CA Articleship Training 

After passing any CA Intermediate examination group, you can enrol in CA Articleship training.

It will expose you to the practical tasks that a CA do regularly. Students can take the CA Final examinations after 2.5 years of articleship.

Step 4: Clear both CA Final Groups

The final step of becoming a CA after 12th science is clearing the CA Final exam. The CA Final is the hardest component of the CA syllabus. Moreover, the ICAI desires that you be well-versed in all course topics.

The passing criteria are the same as in the Intermediate level ICAI will issue the CA Final result two months after the final exam.

To check the detailed explanation on how to become CA In India, check out this detailed guide by the VSI Jaipur institute.

Is CA Difficult For Science Students?

Generally, most science students are unfamiliar with subjects from the commerce stream and view pursuing a career as a chartered accountant as exceedingly tough. In reality, taking this course is simpler for science students, as they are adept at doing practical calculations, and CAs are well-known number gamers in the financial system. In examining the Financial Statements, they are supposed to research and analyse the Financial ratios.

However, the only challenge for science students is grasping accounting as this is the essential subject for the Chartered Accountant course. Although Chartered Accountants initially become accountants, you can only progress with a thorough understanding of accounting.

Other Chartered Accountant subjects are unfamiliar to everyone. Therefore you must study likewise to commerce students.


If you are a science student through the 12th grade and choose to pursue a CA after 12th science, you can do so without difficulty. The only requirements for the Chartered Accounting course following 12th science are hard work, determination, and commitment. Although students frequently fear failure owing to the low pass rate, nothing is impossible unless you believe it is.

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