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Best Places to Visit Harare on Trip to Zimbabwe

The capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, is an open city with many parks, contemporary architecture, and large boulevards. These features have made Harare a well-liked tourism destination in Zimbabwe. This capital city delights visitors with fresh experiences while ensuring they enjoy Harare. Harare is renowned for its rich cultural and historical past and other stunning sites that have mesmerised tourists.

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This city is located in Zimbabwe’s top financial, commercial, and communication hub for cotton, maise, tobacco, and citrus fruits. Harare is a lively metropolis with enticing tourist attractions, lovely resort regions, and other world-famous sights that take your breath away.

The city is surrounded by expansive African plains and breathtaking views, making it a sanctuary for amazing animals. There is a wealth of wildlife there, such as giraffes, lions, wildebeests, and many others. Also, if you are planning to visit this place from the United Kingdom, you need to look for the best and cheapest airlines that offer flights to Zimbabwe from the UK here.

You can learn more about the area and endangered animals by viewing them in their natural habitat. Visitors might easily get lost for days in the city’s museums and abundant gardens or even take a detour through the entire area.

Ideal Season to Visit Harare 

The spring season, which lasts from September through December, is the ideal time to visit Harare. Although Harare experiences cool weather all year long, visitors should come during the spring so they may easily and happily explore the entire area.

Interesting Places to Visit Harare

  • Zimbabwe’s Wild Is Life Grand 

It is a well-known wildlife refuge for indigenous animal species, and Wild Is Life Grand Zimbabwe is located close to Harare International Airport. This refuge provides a wonderful opportunity to interact closely with the natural world and animals. Visitors can see creatures that have been saved living in their natural habitat. On your tour of this renowned sanctuary near Harare, you can see young elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and many other animals.

  • Game Reserve at Thetford 

Thetford Game Reserve, which is 30 kilometres outside of Harare, is a well-known tourist destination where you may spend the day appreciating the wonders of nature and wildlife. This game reserve, which spans 3,300 hectares, is a veritable nature haven with more than 150 different species of birds. The primary reason for creating the reserve was to give animals a secure place to procreate. A hassle-free spot to spend the day, the game reserve is home to creatures like buffalo, giraffes, impalas, zebras, and rhinos.

  • Gardens National Botanical

The National Botanical Garden, located 4 km north of Harare, is a must-see location on any city trip. The garden boasts a wide variety of trees and plants, which adds to the area’s attraction. The garden’s lawns make a great place for picnics, and you can even stroll in the cool shade of the trees.

  • An Acre of National Heroes 

After Zimbabwe’s independence war, the National Heroes’ Acre was established to remember and honour the soldiers who gave their lives fighting for the nation. While on a trip to Harare, visitors from all over the world stop at the location. Spend the day at this historic site to learn more about the soldiers who fought to free the nation.

  • Snake World and Lion & Cheetah Park 

The Lion & Cheetah Park & Snake World is the perfect destination to spend some time with the enormous animals of the city if you love animals. This location, which is only 30 minutes outside of Harare, allows you to explore the area and embark on game drive tours, where you can interact closely with the animals. Make your journey worthwhile by seeing lions, cheetahs, and several snake species.

  • Chapungu Figure Park 

Arranged in Msasa Park, Chapungu Model Park was made in 1970 to show nearby stone figures and craftsmanship. This sculpture park has become popular for several years and has flourished in the entire Zimbabwe region. Chapungu Sculpture Park works with some prominent stone sculptures that showcase their talent to visitors.

Things to Do in Harare

On a game drive trip, the Thetford game reserve is the perfect location to get up close with the animals. Various animals and bird species can be found in reserves in their native habitats. You can learn more about the area and the animals by going on a safari tour in a car or by exploring the area on foot. During your game drive tour, you can see giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and impalas.

Despite the lack of a beach in Harare, there are still many activities to partake in that will keep you occupied all day. If you love the outdoors and the water, you should visit Arcacia Dam and Lake Chivero, which offer fascinating experiences for tourists. Make the most of your trip by boating, skiing, and tubing at these well-known locations.

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Due to its lovely attractions and numerous commercial centres, Harare has recently gained popularity. These features will make your visit memorable and exciting. If you love to shop, Harare is home to some fantastic malls where you may indulge your addiction. You can also visit the Avondale flea market, where you can buy inexpensive clothing, regional crafts, and other items to spice up your day.

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