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Arknights Recruitment Guide for Beginners

Getting your hands on some operators is a major priority in Arknights. It will be very difficult to advance without spending real money if the roster of operators is lacking. That being said, the strategy game features two different ways to recruit new operators. Headhunting is the first, and it’s a classic gacha mechanic in which you pay premium currency and tickets to randomly draw a variety of allies. Arknights Recruitment is the alternative method, and it requires a Recruitment Ticket and LMD to activate (Lungmen Dollars).

You can use these components to select a few inputs to produce a relatively random Operator. Keeping that in mind, we’ll be concentrating on recruitment today because it won’t set you back too much money.

Arknights Recruitment Guide

Once the easy tasks are done, it may be difficult for freemium players to get Orundum. Fortunately, the Gacha system isn’t the only way to get new characters. To find additional operators, for instance, you can use the Recruitment feature, provided you have enough Recruitment Permits. Any player who takes their daily tasks seriously should always have these on hand.
Operators of the Arknights


Arknights Operators

In recruitment, you have to make two choices: how long you are willing to spend looking for a specific recruit and what characteristics that recruit must have. Low-rarity operators are less likely to be found if the search is allowed to continue for a longer period of time. Simultaneously, the greater the possibility that your new hire already possesses all the necessary qualities. The best characters, however, require careful attention to detail in developing their traits.

Criteria that Influence the Arknights Recruitment Process

Below are the criteria you need to consider during the recruitment process;


In order to recruit operators of a higher rarity, the player must perform more nuanced combinations of their attributes. Remember that there is a limited pool of characters available for recruitment. They, too, have unique combinings of traits. You can use a faster strategy. This method of accelerating the results of a recruitment process is instantaneous while still guaranteeing the same results as if the search had taken its normal course.

Five of the tags each recruiter receives will be chosen at random, while the remaining two will define specific characteristics of the Operators. The player can affect the outcome of the recruitment by selecting one of three tags. Unless, of course, one of the following conditions is met:

  1. During the Recruitment Period Retro Bowl, you lose the Tag, which can occur at any time.
  2. The player chooses Tags that are strictly exclusive (for example, Medic Class Tag and Guard Class Tag)

There are four Tag Classifications, which are stated below in bold case, along with any potential Tags that fall under that classification:

  • Qualifications: Starter, Senior, and Top Operator
  • Position: Ranged and Melee
  • Class: Special, Supporter, Caster, Defender, Sniper, Vanguard, Medic, Guard, and Supporter
  • Affix: Nuker, Robot, Fast-Redeploy, Shift, Summon, Support, Slow, DPS, Healing, DP-Recovery, Survival, Defense, AoE


The game’s timer can be adjusted from 0 to 9 hours in 10-minute intervals. If you have to wait longer to fill a position, you’ll get less common types of Operators. It’s also possible that one of the Tags won’t be used at all in the analysis. However, the LMD of the recruitment increases over time.

An Expedited Plan can be used to speed up the hiring process during the Recruitment Period. The results of an Expedited Plan are the same as if the Recruitment Period had been allowed to run its full course.

Acquiring Permits

Despite the fact that Recruitment Permits can’t be bought, they’re not hard to come by. This article will show you how to farm up your recruitment permits so that you can use them to their full potential. Even if you use the daily quest to recruit three times per day, you will only have the bare minimum you need to build up a sufficient supply of recruitment licenses.

Permit Locations

  • The first and second stages of the Commendations Store offer 15 and 20 Recruitment Permits for 8 and 15 Commendation Certificate, respectively, with the stock being reset every month.
  • The Credit Store occasionally sells Recruitment Permits for a starting cost of 160 Credit
  • Daily missions result in the award of one Recruitment Permit, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday, when two Recruitment Permits are given (for a total of 9 Recruitment Permits per week).
  • You can earn up to 10 Recruitment Permits by finishing your weekly objectives.
  • Enhancement Packs come with up to 35 Recruitment Permits.

General Tips

  1. Try to select a set of tags that will ensure at least a 4-star Operator or a set of tags the player is specifically seeking. To lessen the likelihood of dropping any of the tags, keep in mind to limit the recruitment time to a maximum of nine hours.
  2. Remember to limit the time to no more than 3 hours and 50 minutes if the player wants to obtain Robot Operators (Castle-3, Lancet-2, and THRM-EX) since anything longer will disqualify them from becoming 1-star Operators.
  3. The player can set the time to 7 hours and 40 minutes to conserve LMD, which is the shortest time possible to ensure at least 3-star Operators and at most 5-star Operators, assuming the set of tags did not guarantee specific Operators.
  4. If a player is exceptionally lucky to receive the Senior or Top Operator tag, they should
  5. Choose tags that will guarantee at least a 4-star Operator, or choose tags that the player is actively looking for. Remember to keep the recruitment period to a maximum of nine hours to cut down on the possibility of forgetting to attach any of the tags.
  6. Keep in mind that if the player wants to obtain Robot Operators (Castle-3, Lancet-2, and THRM-EX), they must do so in no more than 3 hours and 50 minutes, as any more than that will prevent them from becoming 1-star Operators.
  7. Assuming the set of tags did not guarantee specific Operators, the player can set the time to 7 hours and 40 minutes to conserve LMD, which is the shortest time possible to ensure at least 3-star Operators and at most 5-star Operators.
  8. Whenever a player has the chance to select either the Senior or Top Operator tag, they should take the former. At the same time, recruiters should be given as much time as possible to find new members.
  9. If you select a counter-tag (such as Starter) and limit the timer to no more than 9 hours, the Top Operator tag will never expire. Under similar conditions, the Senior Operator title is unlikely to ever be eliminated.
  10. Players should aim to maximize their Operators’ potential early in the game, as 3-star Operators are the most common candidates in the recruitment process. If a player is fortunate enough to receive 4-star Operators frequently, recruiting them late in the game is a great way to rack up Commendation Certificates and Distinction Certificates.
  11. Any tags you’re currently using will be updated the moment a new recruitable Operator is added to the game. As a result, the tags should be used as soon as possible after the player acquires them.

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