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app store optimization cost

App store visibility | High CTR | App store optimization cost

App store users | Android vs iOS

Before discussing App store optimization cost and its benefits, we need to clarify one thing : Difference between the phrases ‘App Store Optimization’ and ‘app store optimization’. While the first phrase with Capital letters in initials refers to Apple app store, the latter phrase with all small letters is related to general app stores like Google play store, Samsung Galaxy store, Huawei App Gallery and many more. This is a necessary thing to keep in mind while searching for App store optimization cost or any related thing to app promotion. If you’re looking to promote your app store to android users, then go for small letters and for apple users, you need to go for capital letters while looking for a digital marketing agency to promote your business through apps. As a business owner, you should have basic knowledge about how marketing works.

How does it work?

Now that we can differentiate between android and iOS app stores, it will be easy to choose affordable and flexible App store optimization cost and promote your business to your targeted audience. 

App store optimization : Your app needs to be discovered by your targeted audience to increase Click Through Rate (CTR) and get a high number of app installs. App store optimization allows your apps to reach your targeted audience and improve app conversion rate. 

App store optimization works on promoting your app with showcasing following things to attract users : 

  • App name
  • App title
  • Screenshot of the inside view of app
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • App icon
  • A tutorial to introduce the app.
  • Video on How to use the app, it can be linked to the youtube channel of the business.
  • Blogs and articles for link building and drive traffic to the app store. 

This is the way to promote your apps in an organic way on the app store. While the paid promotion lasts for a limited time, optimizing the app store allows your app to reach your targeted audience and ensure higher CTR. 

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Cost | Plan | Promotion

For improved click through rate of your app, there is a need to put money and build strategies. An efficient digital marketing agency like Mind mingles can help in your app visibility and generate leads. App store optimization cost can vary target to target. As we have already discussed about android and iOS app store users, you need to ensure what kind of app you have and which is your targeted audience. If you are looking for general and majority of users, then go for “app store optimization” but if your target is just apple users, your app will be promoted to a specific audience. It depends on the availability of your app to the users and who can access it. 

App store optimization cost

There are various plans and packages at different levels from Express to Plus plans. An app owner can choose the package as per his convenience and financial situation. New app owners all start with basic plans as they are new in this business, then they level up their app promotion with high packages. Mind Mingles has three main packages for App store optimization.

  • Express ($450 per month)
  • Standard ($850 per month)
  • Plus (1450 per month) 

All of the above mentioned plans offer app promotion services but at different levels, while the Express package will have limited resources, Standard will have more services compared to the former and Plus package gives higher and faster app promotion services. 

This packages include : 

  • Guaranteed app installs per month
  • App title optimization
  • App description optimization
  • App keywords optimization
  • App dashboard optimization
  • App images optimization
  • APK file sharing
  • Keywords research 
  • Review writing
  • Blog writing
  • Article submission
  • App video submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Monthly activity performance report


There are numerous benefits of opting for a right kind of app store optimization plan and price as mentioned below : 

  1. App reach to targeted audience through optimization, the keywords helps in ranking your app in top app search list.
  2. Higher Click Through Rate (CTR) improves by attracting targeted app users.
  3. Boosts app conversion rates with a high number of app installations.
  4. Your app grows in a sustainable manner as you have opted for app store optimization. 
  5. App stands out in the crowd of thousands of apps.
  6. Improved CTR boosts High ROI and your business collects profitable revenue.
  7. Boosts App visibility in app traffic.
  8. It promotes your app not just to targeted audiences but non-targets too.
  9. Build app reputation as it gets recognized for its unique title and icon.
  10. App optimization helps in app promotion with long term stability. 

Points to keep in mind 

While planning to promote your app, you need to keep a few things in mind which are essential to get eye caught from your target. 

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  • Your app name should attract the users, try to write short and crisp titles which explains the purpose of the app.
  • Icon of your app will be noticed first by the users. Even though they are small in size, your app should use the best icon design and colours.
  • In this optimization process, the right choice of keywords is the main priority to let your target discover the app. 
  • A short description which explains about the app in clarity is a need, users won’t install your app if it doesn’t explain its purpose and features. 
  • Put a screenshot which gives an inside view of the app, how it looks like and its structure.
  • A tutorial and guidelines will help users to easily use the app without any kind of issue.
  • Update your app features from time to time to stay in the long run.
  • Always check the reviews and feedback of your app users to know about any kind of problem they face while using the app.
  • The Technical Team behind the app should be efficient and know how to tackle any issue.
  • When you get improved app install numbers, offer new features.
  • You can also promote your updated version of the app in the former app and boost app traffic. 

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