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8 Strategies to Get Quality Leads for Your Business Online in 2023

It is not only important to know how to get leads, but you also have to ensure that they are of quality. The more qualified a lead is, the more chances of success you will have when it comes to impacting them with your digital marketing strategy.

To briefly define a lead, a person has consented to leave you their contact information in exchange for some resource, tool, or promotion. It is a very effective way to convert potential customers into final consumers.

In this post, I will tell you about different strategies you can implement to get quality leads for your business online. Once you learn about all of them, it will be your decision to choose which one to implement for your company.

How are leads obtained

When it comes to capturing leads, there are numerous ways to achieve it. It will depend on the type of business you have, your current resources, and those you can afford to start getting contact information. The most common ways to capture qualified leads are:

  • Contests or raffles.
  • Content marketing.
  • Social networks.
  • Advertising.
  • Landing pages.
  • Contact forms.
  • Downloadable resources.
  • Email marketing.

I will explain each of these possibilities in detail below.

8 Ways to Get Qualified Leads for Your Company

If you already know what a lead is, it’s time to discover the different ways you have to capture leads for your business:

1.      How to get leads in your e-commerce

This business model is becoming more popular, and there is more competition, so getting data from potential customers is crucial. An original way to get them is to create an online roulette wheel to do promotions, discounts, or raffle products so that it appears as a pop-up or full screen in your digital business. This way of capturing leads is entertaining for the user and encourages them to leave their contact details by offering them something in exchange in an interactive way.

2.      How to get qualified leads with your blog

Making an inbound marketing strategy to get leads is a natural way to get quality contacts. You must create a website and then generate content that interests your audience and that is focused on what you want to sell later. Also, accompany it with an SEO strategy so that the article is as successful as possible to position itself and bring traffic to it. You can include contact forms, a free prize wheel as in the previous case, or take them to a landing page with a powerful call to action. An older option is to collect information from the users who access the article and then impact them with advertising.

3.      Get leads on your landing page

The landing page is crucial to be able to capture quality leads since it is the place where the user finds out about what you offer and leaves their contact information. You must take care of the design and content, avoiding unnecessary distractions and vanishing points, such as menu buttons or access to your social profiles. The content of the landing page to get lead must have valuable information and good calls to action to convince them to leave their data.

4.      Contact form

It is one of the most common systems, but it still works very well if you make it clear that you are going to get the user in exchange for their data. Try to ask for only the necessary information to fill in since forms with many fields can make many users abandon them. However, those who do fill them out are usually more qualified because they spend time completing them.

5.      Generate leads through online advertising

This method enables you to reach a larger audience quickly. By placing ad posts or ad videos on platforms such as Google, you can measure your performance in real time and verify which campaigns are most effective in generating leads.

6.      Acquire leads through social networks

Organically, there are no options for obtaining contact information, but you can use social media advertising to acquire leads. Social networks recognize the importance of obtaining user data, and as such, many platforms have a format to include a brief form in their ads. Facebook Lead Ads and Twitter Lead Generation Cards are examples.

7.      Downloadable resources

Offering guides, e-books, templates, webinars, or other resources that cater to the needs of your potential clients is an excellent way to obtain qualified leads. Additionally, you will establish greater trust and authority while differentiating yourself from your competition with your content, allowing potential customers to see what you are capable of.

8.      Email marketing

Thanks to automation tools. You can create various personalized email marketing campaigns depending on your client’s or potential client’s funnel stage. By offering the best content to the appropriate group of users, you can gradually guide them toward making a purchase.

What are the Effective Channels for Obtaining Leads

As you can see, numerous channels allow you to generate qualified leads effectively. To summarize, the different means that you can use to obtain different quality leads.

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