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5 Essential Tips for Choosing Best Samsung Smartphones

In today’s environment, cell phones have become a key component of our everyday life. Samsung is one of the oldest brands of cell phones in the wise market new zealand today. With its enormous development into different sectors, Samsung has been able to notably increase its company in the smartphone category. The Samsung mobile pricing is inexpensive, which makes it simply reachable for middle-class individuals in New Zealand. Samsung mobile phones may be used for different reasons, such as conversing, taking photographs, storing documents on the cloud, accessing the internet, and even charging other smartphones and tablets.

However, due to the large choice of Samsung mobile phones, it may sometimes be challenging to know which smartphone to buy.

Listed below are the top 5 essential tips you should keep in mind when choosing Samsung mobile phones

Battery Life

There is no method to keep your phone linked to the charger or power bank throughout the day since this is not feasible. So, it would be beneficial if you took a look at how long the battery lasts while considering Samsung mobile phones. Buying a smartphone is one of the most crucial things to consider. Battery use differs for each user, dependent on how they use their Samsung mobile phones. Gamers, streaming video users, and those who use their phones regularly should invest in a smartphone with at least a 4000mAh battery capacity. Nevertheless, if you are a light or medium user, a phone with 3500mAh or even 3000mAh battery should be plenty to survive the full day.

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There are two types of memory in Samsung mobile phones – RAM and ROM. It is crucial to note that RAM plays a key part in the performance of your smartphone and the number of applications it can run in the background concurrently. ROM is responsible for storing the operating system and media data. You may also refer to this as internal storage, where all your programs, images, movies, files, and other objects live. As a consequence, it becomes vital to examine the RAM and the internal storage of the smartphone before you decide to spend your money on it. Also, remember that if you are a heavy user, you may want to consider utilizing a larger-storage Samsung mobile phone.


A camera has become one of the crucial components of every smartphone. Consider extra camera features before choosing any smartphone, like the number of cameras, selfie cameras, megapixels, etc. It is vital to know that the larger the megapixel number of the camera, the better will be the picture quality. It is also vital to look at other aspects of the camera, such as ISO, aperture, etc.

Processors and Hardware

Various Samsung mobile phone models are available on Wise Market New Zealand, each with distinct features and specs. Several components contribute to the overall performance of cell phones. For CPUs, there are several jargon like Quad-Core, Dual-Core, Octa-Core, Snapdragon, Mediatek, and many more. So logically, the greater the value of the CPU, the quicker the performance of Samsung mobile phones.

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Those who are passionate gamers should consider Samsung mobile phones with screens bigger than 6.0 inches and greater refresh rates. In contrast, a smaller screen may be ideal if you intend to use the smartphone mostly for social networking and WhatsApp. There are essentially two types of displays available in Samsung mobile phones – LCD and AMOLED. It is the projection of light that creates the distinction between the two. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your smartphone is to purchase a FullHD+, full-HD, or QHD resolution display, if you intend to view Full HD 1080p movies on Youtube or Netflix.

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