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4 tips on how to choose analog watches for women

In the previous decades, wristwatches have grown more and more popular among both women and men. An interesting fact: wristwatches were solely worn by ladies before the 20th century, mostly for beautifying purposes rather than timekeeping functions. I suppose this is still applicable today. As women usually see analog watches for women as a form of accessory, they tend to worry more about the aesthetic of the watch.

I believe that it is vital for women to select a watch that complements their style. Your watch may thus be an effective add-on to your outfit, or even can become your style hallmark. However, I must emphasize that style is simply one of the numerous elements that females should consider when selecting a watch. In this blog article, I am writing about 4 recommendations to assist ladies to pick the most appropriate wristwatch.

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As a woman, I realize from my experience that not many females out there are interested in the technical characteristics of a watch. It is, nevertheless, crucial to recognize that movement is the heart of a watch. Without good movement, the watch will not perform correctly.

There is no question that Swiss movements are still the greatest ones. When it comes to the sort of movement, you may consider mechanical movement or quartz movement.

Mechanical movement appears to be intriguing given the high degree of workmanship and the premium grade of technical features. However, this form of movement takes greater maintenance work. If it involves manual movement, you will have to remember to wound it. If the watch is “self-winding”, in other words, automatic movement, you need to wear it regularly or use a watch winder to insure the accuracy of the watch.

Otherwise, a quartz movement might be a good option. Powered by a battery, quartz timepieces are more accurate and less costly than analog watches for women. With this form of movement, you simply need to replace the battery every 2-3 years depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations or when the battery has been weakened.


Depending on your dress and the conditions, you may pick a watch dial that is best acceptable to you. If you are in workplace clothing for meetings or casual activities, a minimalist watch with a basic dial might be a wonderful option. On the other hand, a jewel watch embellished with valuable jewels can be ideal to pair extravagant clothes for a prominent or unique occasion.

Just like other kinds of accessories, it is important evaluating how the watch materials and embellishments match your skin tone. I feel buying a elegant watch that suits your skin would boost your appearance dramatically.

1. Ways to determine your skin tone

Skin tones often fall into one of two categories: cold or warm. You may detect your skin tone by looking at the color of the vein within your arms.

Cool skin tones are defined by blue-tinted veins. If you have a cool skin tone, you may perceive pinkish or rosy-red undertones while gazing in the mirror. It is stated that most individuals have cool skin, especially those with a dark complexion and tan skin.

On the other side, warm skin tones are distinguished by greenish-colored veins. When gazing in the mirror, a person with a warm skin tone may see yellow or golden-apricot undertones. People with fair skin have generally warm skin tones.

2. Material of the watch case

A woman with a cool skin tone would look best wearing a watch with stainless steel, silver, or white gold casing. In contrast, analog watches for women with gold or rose gold case will be the finest option for warm-skinned ladies.

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For a woman, the dial size should not be too enormous, but it must plainly fit your wrist size. We at Von Doren have done a study for our Jotunheim Lady line and found out that most ladies choose watches with a dial diameter of 34-38 mm. And I suppose that should be the way it is so that the elegant watch would become a touch to women’s dress.

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