2022’s Top 4 Longboard Trucks Brands (in the world) You

If you have extraordinary skills, you must want the best longboard trucks you can come for to show your besties. We are talking about those things that move you capable of!

That’s why we’ve reviewed the top 4 longboard trucks so that you can easily find the right one and decide which one will suit you.

Let’s get started

1. Bear Polar 155mm Black Skateboard Trucks

When longboard truck companies create a truck for streets, many create the path between the deck and axle a little higher to accommodate bigger wheels without using a riser pad. It is a simple rule, and most systematic truck companies create fewer high-profile trucks. Axle height is one of the things to consider, particularly if you use wheels larger than 58mm in a soft compound. Wheel bite with that wheel style will end you dead in your tracks and put you down like a sack of spuds.

Street trucks are commonly used on shorter longboards, cruisers and common free-ride decks. Unlike regular street and park boards, you can upgrade your set-up and do not need to match the axle width to the deck width on longboards and cruisers.

RKP (Reverse King Pin) Trucks

RKP Trucks are among the most skateboarders considered to be ‘longboard trucks. This design is characteristic of a kingpin nut and bolt, which overlook the nose and tail of the deck. It is a design that gives you more stability at more speed. It is also good when turning and carving without feeling as skittish as a regular truck.

2. Caliber II Fifty 158mm Raw Silver Longboard Trucks

RKP trucks are accessible with base plates that allow the hanger to sit at different angles. The most usual angles are between 44 and 55 degrees. Some RKP trucks have a ‘flip flop’ hanger feature which gives you to replicate the angle slightly by flipping the hanger over. These trucks can be fine-tuned comfortably with the use of different heights and shaped cushions. These trucks are fine for downhill racing tracks and full-speed free riding. They are also fun to go on longer cruising and dancing longboards where you want a ‘surfier’ feeling.

3. Carver Skateboards Trucks

Carver gives you two different front truck systems, the C5 and C7. The C5 is one of the close to many of the classic reverse kingpin longboard trucks. The C7 provides a lot more motion for a surfier feel.

Carver C5 Skateboards Trucks

Skateboarders have discovered many fine tricks since the early days, and a truly modern surf skate wants to incorporate this history of progression. So, the C5 System (C5 front, C4 rear) is smaller and narrower, minimizing the center of gravity and giving the tail more pop. You obtain higher ollies and good control.  The narrower hanger and deck turn it light and maneuverable. It is the next generation of surf skate, blending tricks and flow into a complex, creative expression across the urban landscape.

Carver C7 Skateboards Trucks

It is the signature truck. This truck is one of the smoothest turning, speediest pumping surf trucks available. It is at the leading edge of accurate surf skate performance. The second axis of this front truck not only enlarges the turning radius of you carve but lets you snap on the nose and pivot your turns off that tail. It produces thrust and drives you forward with expanding speed. The hitting of similarity to surfing performance has created the C7 as the perfect choice for surf training by positive aspects and goals alike.

4. Paris V3 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Paris V3 Longboard Skateboard Trucks have gotten stellar analysis and are more popular among customers then – and it is not a surprise.

The Best 20 inch rim trucks are recognized as the gold standard and are reasonably priced that way. Although they are available in two sets, the price tag on these longboard trucks is a bit higher rate.

About this model, buyers are paying for innovation, though.

Paris V3 trucks come in many colours: black, matte black, pearl white, polished, sage green, and scarlet red. If you get trucks that match your style, here they are.

Furthermore, they are created using an innovative manufacturing process that includes technology derived from forging, extrusion, and casting. Besides being a durable manufacturer, the pros of this manufacturing method are the 50-degree baseplate angle, making it easier to turn and get your longboard going.

Final Words

Choosing the top 4 longboard trucks is generally never a hassle. You can easily choose the ideal one for yourself if you know what you’ll utilize it for. You can tell which truck is best for the job by taking downhill or cruising trips. Even though these vehicles significantly improve your performance, you should always focus on quality.


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