You are currently viewing 10 Free Plagiarism Checking Software in 2023 You Will Not Find Elsewhere

10 Free Plagiarism Checking Software in 2023 You Will Not Find Elsewhere

Plagiarism can cause several academic, legal and professional consequences for your future, and the damage done to your reputation will be irreparable. It is essential to run your academic papers on a plagiarism-checking software to detect any trace of plagiarised content in your academic documents. The best plagiarism checker will not only detect copied content in your papers, but also link you with the original content, provide you with a linguistic guide, and sufficient grammar help.

This article will guide you on the top ten free plagiarism checking software in 2023 that you will possibly not find anywhere else.

The Latest Top Ten Plagiarism Checking Tools In 2023:

The criteria that we used to evaluate the efficiency of these top ten best plagiarism checking software online were really strict. Some of the factors against which we evaluated the proficiency of these tools are the following:

  • The size of the content database
  • Pricing plans/free versions
  • User interface
  • Availability of the relevant services like editing
  • Provision of the language improvement suggestions

These ten pieces of software fit our strict criteria and passed the evaluation test. So, if you are looking for a reliable plagiarism checking software for your academic assignments, look no further than these plagiarism detection tools.

Plagiarism Checking Software NameTop FeaturesSupported FormatsFree Plan ServicesPricingRating
GrammarlyGrammar checkPlagiarism checkSentence suggestionsTxt, Doc, Docx, RTF, ODT, Htm, HtmlBasic grammar checkingGrammarly for individuals: $11/month. Grammarly for business: $12.5 per user/month.5/5
SmallSEOToolsPlagiarism checkRewriting toolsTxt, Doc, Docx, PDF, Tex1000 words limit per searchFree4.8/5
Dupli CheckerPlagiarism checkGrammar checkTxt, Doc, Docx, RTF, ODT, Htm, Html1000 words limit per searchFree4.8/5
Plagtracker.comIncreased privacyPlagiarism checkMultiple formatsNoneFree4.8/5
QuetextPlagiarism detectionFast detectionTxt, PDF, Doc, Docx5-free checks per monthBasic: Free Pro: $9.99 per user/month.4.7/5
PlagiarismaNo adsFast detectionMultiple formatsNoneFree4.8/5
Plagiarismdetector.netDeep SearchURL/file uploadingTxt, Doc, Docx1000 words limit per search$20 per month4.7/5
ProWritingAidGrammar checkingEditing guideMS Word, Google DocsNone$20 per month4.8/5
Prepostseo.comMultiple file uploadingAPI supportMultiple formats1000 words limit per search$50 per year4.8/5
SearchEngineReports.netChecking grammarSentence-wise resultsMultiple formatsNoneFree4.8/5
  1. Grammarly


  • Grammarly offers free grammar checks and paid plagiarism detection.
  • It also suggests to improve the clarity of the written text.
  • It is affordable for hundreds of students and businesses.

Using Grammarly, you will be best able to improve your writing style and the data included in your academic papers, along with the detection of plagiarised content in it.

  • SmallSEOTools


  • It is best for checking plagiarism and rewriting articles.
  • It also allows you to use tools for domain analysis, backlink and keyword analysis and website tracking etc.
  • It is available on MacStore, App Store and Google Play.

This online plagiarism checking software is best for business owners and it will enable you to optimise the website content without paying a single penny.

  • Dupli Checker


  • It supports different file formats.
  • It can check plagiarism quickly in a document.
  • It also allows the website owner to optimise the content efficiently.

Dupli Checker is great to be used by website owners. It is not an ideal plagiarism checking software for students and academics.



  • The top feature of this plagiarism checking software is that it supports multiple languages, such as English, German, Italian, French etc.
  • It can sift through a large database of academic documents and papers.
  • This plagiarism detection tool is easy to use even for beginners.

This plagiarism checker is mostly used by academicians, publishers and website owners. It is free to use for all.

  • Quetext


  • The paid version can help you with citation management.
  • You can easily download the originality report from this software.
  • It provides you with industry-leading privacy.

It is best for checking academic sources, webpages and several sources for the detection of plagiarism.

  • Plagiarisma


  • It is the ideal plagiarism detection tool for students.
  • It supports 190+ languages.
  • It supports multiple file formats.

Several students and academic writing services use this plagiarism checking software as an alternative to Turnitin and Copyscape.



  • It allows you to upload a file in multiple formats.
  • It is best for teachers and writers.
  • It provides complete data security and hence, it is best for people who are concerned with the privacy of their documents.

This plagiarism checking software is particularly best for checking academic documents with small lengths or short projects.

  • ProWritingAid


  • It allows 60 plagiarism checks each year.
  • It gives free access to the users to the writers’ resource repository.
  • It is best for checking style editing, grammar checking and the detection of plagiarism. 

This plagiarism checking software is particularly useful for checking academic documents.



  • You can check up to 1000 words for free using this plagiarism checking software.
  • It supports multiple file formats for plagiarism detection.
  • It is affordable for a large number of students.

This plagiarism detection software is equally best for both website owners and students.



  • It can also detect grammar mistakes in academic documents.
  • It allows you to download the plagiarism report.
  • It is the top choice of hundreds of bloggers, teachers and students due to its efficiency.

It is the ideal plagiarism detection software for checking up to 2000 words per search and it’s free to use.


All plagiarism checking software you will find online detects the plagiarised content in the document you upload, but only a few will be efficient enough to do the job correctly. The top ten plagiarism checkers we have mentioned in this article are particularly good at detecting the copied content in your documents and helping you erase it. A dissertation editing service can also be hired to save you from the trouble of accidental inclusion of plagiarised content in your papers.

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